Android Apps Portfolio

Android Apps Portfolio

Buyiteer Shopping

Buyiteer is not just an App but it is like a worth App for savvy shoppers. It is worth to install it; however, it offers numerous punch cards and coupons with great discount offers. In this App Consumer and Retailer both can get profit as retailers can generate limitless coupons and punch cards within 5 minutes. You can check it online promptly. With Buyiteer any one can reach potential customers. On the second hand, consumers can use favorite punch cards and use it effortlessly. Even more offers will include exclusive gifts on scanning the QR Code for regular or new customers.

Skydive Tribe Sports

Now a days, doing venture travel is like a passion. Skydiving as a hobby, which is one of the most exciting and experimental activity everyone wants to do at least once in a life. There no app who will directly update you about sports and the skydiving list of information (contacts of skydivers). The technource developers team has made this app with the aim of being at the side of skydivers. In this app you can find distinctive features, like receiving news and events updates of your favorite ones, receive updates about your equipment and set deadlines to never forget again about your documents and rig checks. So now everyone can enjoy their favorite sport with Skydive Tribe.

CSuiteSuccess Education

Giving awards, speeches on success to ambitious students is not only for acknowledging their success, but also encourage others to do better in corporately. Technource represents a great platform for all to track their personal success plan. The C suite Success app is based on “Local Database” which provides unique features, like notifications about clubs, TM Speeches, Roles, Awards and events. The main purpose to design this app is to help members to be the best by having details at their fingertips. Such information like: 1) Information about your Clubs, Speeches, Roles and Awards; 2) Be able to keep track of progress; 3) Easy access to speeches objectives and awards; 4) Easy access to Leadership objectives and awards; 5) Map your personal success plan for accomplishing the covenant DTM award.

Budget Pot Spending Tracker Finance

Integrate any combinations like, outlay and expenses by Budget Pot app, which is a very efficient, well organized and useful app for those who want to manage the amount of money transactions in different categories like, food, shopping and fuel, etc. This app has worthwhile features to control and monitor your daily, monthly, yearly expenses and income you want to spend. The technnource developers team has encompassed amazing features in this app: Multiple account creation, Add Categories, Option to add your spending budget & balance carry forward, Chart visualization ( Bar chart & Pie Chart), Currency symbol selection, Dropbox & Google Drive sync & restore, carry forward your transaction and many more features.

Fit with Friends Social media 

Calculate Steps, Calories Burned & Distance travelled by you using your smart phone & no other devices needed. Invite you friends via Email. Send Friend Request to App users. Compare statistics with your friend’s footsteps. Visit your friend’s profile & Chat with them. Challenge them to compete with your records. Send Challenge requests to your friends. On winning the challenge users are rewarded by Avatars. See graphical representation of your progress for Steps, Burned Calories & Distance to boost yourself.

AtoZ Kids Education

Kids education app where your kids can learn english alphabets in easy way by relating each alphabet with an objects, animals & cartoons. Now learning alphabets for your child is as entertaining as if they are playing and not studying. Teach Alphabets with its image and pronunciation to your child easily through your smartphone. The images in this app help your child memorize alphabets and words easily.

My Reminder

Now no need to remember your daily tasks or your friend's birthday because “Reminder” is now with you and it will remember all your meeting schedule, birthdays and all your routine tasks on behalf of you. It will ping notification according to the date and time set for the schedule. It's so easy to set task schedule using “Reminder”.

Portalen Productivity

Portalen Android Application

DCentro Store Restaurant Food, Beverage

DCentro app allows restaurant merchants to manage their daily orders and even managing the drivers. Using this app, restaurants can easily see their orders manage accordingly the drivers to deliver the food. Merchants will not face hassle to send food, beverages or groceries to their customers. All in one just click away app - DCentro.

Smartbak Shopping 

We all do online shopping and keep lovin’ it. But what if, you want discounts every time you do shopping? Yes, then SmartBak is the ultimate answer. Creating groups of the same purchase will let seller know the bulk shopping and the customers will have discounts on each shopping they do.

Top Ten Percent Shopping

It allows businesses to achieve their sales goals by giving best deals to the customers and customers will enjoy the endless offers of the top businesses.

Empty Trip Travel

Empty trip is an amazing app for drivers and passengers. It proves best for dealing the best in market offers and discounts for making a trip.

Hyper99 Real Estate

Hyper99 is the best platform for modern property with one stop solution of Real estate. The Hper99 provides a buffer between you and your tenant to manage property deals and confrontations.