5 SEO Tricks that Loosing Its Importance in 2015

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  • You may have used the several best SEO practice for improving website ranking. You know that Google always thinking about the sole purpose of keeping their users happy so that Google frequently update the algorithm system. If you want to stay in good position in the SERPs then you must update your SEO Techniques with algorithm changed. Maybe, you surprised by this post, but you will see the some best SEO practices that are not working now, after new updating algorithm system.

    Exact Search Term

    ‘Now Google show the search intent rather than search Item’

    You know that the keyword is the most essential things in SEO practices. But, the importance of the keyword is continuously decreasing with algorithm updating. Now, Google tries to offer intent results to the user for his search term, even though they don’t know perfect keywords.

    All users have not perfect knowledge about the keywords for his requirement. Hence, when they are typing something unfamiliar keywords, then search engines predict the correct keyword and show the few options before you are clicked.

    Advice: You should always create more content that matches with visitors’ expectations. Example; if you are promotional product supplier then your keywords and contents should be on promotional product supply that your website visitors will relevant result to their requirement.

    Keyword Stuffing

    ‘Your contents should for the customer, not for the search engines’

    Many SEO experts try to create content tend to a particular keyword, hence they increase the density of the targeted keywords in the content. But, now this practice may hurt your website ranking in the Google search engines. Suppose your article about furniture. You shouldn’t repeat a furniture word more time. You don’t try to use exact targeted keyword furniture, but you should use sofas, wardrobes, dining table, etc. instead of furniture.

    Advice: Before content post, considers the density of the particular keywords, generally 4-7% density is appropriate according to SEO purpose. Your content should be readable; otherwise, the reader may be bored and jump from your webpage. Create interesting and informative content hence the reader is satisfied and inspired to more action.

    Short & to the Point Content

    ‘People like short and to the Point content format, they avoid to read long descriptive format’

    The bad content ruins your credibility among your readers. If your title doesn’t represent your content powerfully then the reader may disappoint by your content. They want more information about particular keywords. In addition, readers avoid the road to long descriptive contents.

    Advice: Try to include one or two powerful keywords in the page title. These practices don’t just help to search engine, but also information in short form or in list form attract the visitor too.

    Meta Description

    ‘Meta description is the deciding stage whether visitors visit your website or not’

    Meta description appears in search engines below the title. The search engine is clipping the same texts itself from your content.

    Advice: You should create custom Meta Description for your website. The interesting & relevant Meta description increases the click rate. Create a great description about your page in 140-155 character, which inspired the reader click to your website.

    Google Authorship

    ‘Google Authorship, Snippet & Structure Data appear just above the Meta Description’

    Many SEO people believe that Google authorship helps the user to decide which content they would like to see. However, it’s not true and Google no longer supports it. Well, you can increase click through rate with following techniques.

    Advice: You should create rich snippet and structure data; it may increase the click through rate. These techniques are the best for the eCommerce website. It’s enhanced the trust in the customer’s mind and entices them to visit your website.

    Link Building

    ‘Search engines promote your website through link building’

    Link building is the crucial for ranking it help the search engine in promoting your website. The link building through poor or think content to mislead search engines may penalize your website.

    Advice: You can generate the rich link through high ranked website by submitting high quality and informatics contents in it. Second, you can take the help Googles Webmaster Guidelines to increase web traffic.

    Hope that you will like it. These are some techniques that we used before few years ago and working very well. But now Google gives much importance to users and so these techniques are no longer to help us. If anything is remaining just comment us below…


    Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top AngularJS development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps and website development services.

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