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  • 2015 is almost gone and 2016 is approaching very fast. Every day, month and year SEO strategies have been changing gradually. You may have used lots of strategy to get ranking of website in 2015. Here we are showing you what will be the trend in 2016. Set up your strategy for next year.

    Page Tagging:

    We all know that mobile searches overtake the desktop searches in 2015. So, it’s time to do more work for mobile users & it can be possible by page tagging. Page tagging is a small java script code to add in all pages of a website. It can be given by web analytics service providers & manage the process of assigning cookies to users who visit your website.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

    The buzz word of the year 2015 is Conversion Rate Optimization. If a user is visiting your website and not converting it then is no sense at all. Conversions can be measured differently from site to site. Now you have question in mind that how can I measure it. It can be possible by the event tracking in Google analytics to learn how to get visitors to convert into customers with shorter attention. Learn it as soon as possible; it will be in trend even in 2016.

    App Store Optimization (ASO):

    As I said earlier that mobile users are much higher than desktop users. Due to that reason, every business owners have been started to develop mobile app & it leads to high competition. Hence, there is a requirement of App Store Optimization (ASO) to compete each other. It’s something like SEO but not pure SEO. It requires more attention than website.

    Local Search:

    Local search was in trend in past and will be in trend in future. Now every small owner think about starting a website and many of them have been already started. Google Places, now only display 3 results in SERP instead of 7 at first instance. But by clicking on more results, it shows 20 results approximately. Local businesses or shops should put microformats (Schema) tagging and local business listing as a first priority to capture a local area that will be receiving relevant result in next year.

    Panda Update:

    For SEO guys, Panda Update is more than disaster. Till date, we have seen many panda updates and their results, some of them are good and bad too. We will see the Real Time Panda Algorithm” update with full of ups and downs. This update may be rolled out by the end of this year or starting of next year. So, be ready and use your experience to handle the next one.

    Interactive Content:

    In SEO world, Content is the King but in 2016 Interactive content may steal crown. Only content will not help but engaging content will. The interactive content includes online quizzes, debates, discussions, infographic etc. Simple content will not increase engagement with users but advanced will.

    Over to You

    Hope that you have started thinking about next year SEO strategy. These are the main factors that we should have to keep in mind before starting work for any website. If you have any other factor then comment it below. We will look forward about it.


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