Blockchain Technology Is Undoubtedly Here To Stay Long

February 8, 2018
By Technource

In Accordance With The Latest Report By Statista, “Number Of Bitcoins In Circulation Worldwide Has Reached To 16.5 Million.”

Blockchain has achieved exponential growth in the last few years. Along with creating a constant hype in the mind of the people, this virtual currency continues to make its headlines in the market. And the primary reason behind such massive success is – It has leveraged the world those capabilities and functionalities that were once next to impossible. Though bitcoins may seem like a bubble its underlying encryption technology makes it possible to carry millions of financial transaction.

A few years back, Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified group submitted a paper suggesting that a technology could change the way people transact globally. And finally the paper got accepted and the technology is widely renowned as “blockchain technology”.

Why Is Blockchain App Development Being Overrated?

The Answer Is Simple – Due To Its Integration with Multiple Technologies.
The current business models may be interrupted by the market with low-cost solutions decorated using blockchain applications. Digital transactions can be made more accessible using new blockchain protocols. Reduction in fraud and systematic risk and financial vulnerabilities are also reduced using blockchains.

Such dramatic change in business and enterprise not only ensures utmost security but also automates the manual process. And, that’s something that made blockchain app development the “most-demanded” technology in the market.

The Significance of Building Blockchain Mobile Apps

The biggest advantages of blockchain apps that make transactions much easier, safe and decentralized are its technology stack that’s highly suitable for stock market trading and other industries. Such industries include insurance, finance, fintech, business, healthcare, eLearning, digital voting and a lot more. It can be used to create a highly decentralized database that guarantees transactions to be recorded and saved correctly.

Developers Tips for Smarter Blockchain App Development

With the increasing popularity of blockchain application, demand to build smarter mobile based blockchain apps has also increased. However, it’s pretty hard to develop a blockchain based application and even harder to secure them. Today developers having the in-depth skillset for blockchain app development are rare and the demand for this new decentralized technology is in the hype.

In order to build smarter, secure and scalable apps, this article focuses on key points that every blockchain app developers should consider to make smarter app development easy.

1. Be Well-Versed With Blockchain Utility and Purpose for Particular Kind of Business

As blockchain keeps records of history or transaction in form of blocks, they are the further link with each other through Hashing function – A cryptographic validation. So, in order to develop smart blockchain app, you need to use transaction & ledger model to assure transparency and accountability throughout the work.

2. Maintain Relevancy

With the evolution of new technology, ensure to upgrade your skills constantly by participating in social media profiles, online conversations and lot more.

3. Take Advantage of Blockchain Open Source

For easy and quick development, deploy open source platforms that require minimum expenses. Some of the various open source platforms are Hydrachain, Openchain, Multichain and a lot more.
And Yes, Blockchain Is Here To Stay Long!

So, Is There Any Blockchain App Development Platform Available In The Market?
The answer is – A big YES!

1. Eris

  • Free software
  • It allows apps to create & run low-cost and secure applications
  • You can easily turn on and off its features.
  • It can directly develop a group of a permission chain for an individual or a group.
  • Analyze step-by-step competition action

2. HydraChain

  • Highly compatible with the Ethereum Protocol
  • It helps in creating a Permission app.

3. MultiChain

  • It helps companies to design, implement, & operate distributed blocks or ledgers
  • Instant chain deployment
  • Bitcoin compatible and extendable

An Eye over Few Exceptional Bitcoin Android Apps Hitting the Market
Some exceptional android applications that rule the blockchain markets are:

1. Bitcoin Wallet
2. Coinbase
3. Bitpay
4. Blockchain – Bitcoin & Ether Wallet
To find the complete information about these applications, click here.

Planning To Hire Blockchain App Developers?

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