Causes of Duplicate Content Generation & Solutions to Fix it

Many times your website might be struggling to get ranking in Google and other search engines due to duplicate content. Numbers of website are facing this problem due to misunderstanding content. It is possible that duplicate content is being shown on multiple paged locations on your website. Hence, Google has problem and it don’t know which location to show. This blog help you to know how duplicate content generate and how to fix it.

Cause of the Duplicate Content

There are many reasons for generating duplicate content, most of them are technical such as some time developer puts the same content in two different pages without distinguishing the original source.

See the example how it is appears for one blog…

There is a same content on both the pages but urls are different. -A/ and

If, you are a developer then you say it exists only once. Now, view the causes of duplicate content.

1. Misunderstanding the Concept of A URL

The website mostly powered by a database system. In the database, probably many URLs creates on one content through the website’s software. Therefore, as developer’s eyes, it is unique content, but for the search engine, a URL is a unique identifier to piece of content.

2. URL Parameters

Many developers create using the URL parameters for tracking and shorting to know from which source visitors come with the website. Example, and

As a developer point of view, both links are same because it represents same piece of content, but search engines, both are different. Hence, it creates the problem in getting higher rank of website in search engines.

3. Scrapers & Content Syndication

Scrapers and content syndication is the most common issues today and it is increasing day by day. Sometimes, other websites use your content with or without your permission and they aren’t linked to your original content and so search engines doesn’t show your contents and show the another version of the same content.

4. WWW vs. non-WWW

This is less common situation that search engines get it wrong www vs. non-www duplicate content, when both versions of your site are accessible.

Solutions of the Duplicate Content

1. A “Canonical” URL

Now, you know that several URLs leads to the same content are a problem, but you can fix it. You should consider the true URL for a piece of content. You should solve the issues because in the end, there can be only one URL which, true for a piece of content has been doubled the Canonical URL by Google and search engines.

2. Google Search Console

Google search console is a great tool for identifying duplicate content. You can use this tool for your website and check under Appearance -> HTML Improvements. If your web pages have duplicate ‘Titles’ or duplicate ‘Meta Description’ that really serious matter for your website rank.

3. Practical Solutions

Once, you discover the canonical URL for your piece of content, you have to start a canonicalization. Means let the search engine know about and it finds the canonical version of a page. Generally, SEO experts follow the four practical methods of solving the problem.

1. Not creating duplicate content.

2. Redirecting duplicate content to the canonical URL

3. Adding a canonical link to the duplicate page.

4. Adding an HTML link from the duplicate page to the canonical page.

These are all about the duplicate content, which, maybe affect on your website’s ranking. If your website not achieving a good rank in search engines after enough practice, then you should also look for duplicate content and if you are designing a website then you should be considering the above points.

If you are getting such problem for your website then you can contact leading SEO service provider company. Technource is happy to help you to get rid out of your duplicate content problem. Comment below, all your suggestions are welcome here.


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