Executive Day had celebrated in Technource, all staff members came in Executive get up & distributed prizes to the winners of Group Day. Jayesh Parmar collected two gifts because he won both games Passing the Ball and Musical Chair, Chiranjiv Joshi played a great role of a Drunk Man, due to his amazing acting, he won the entertainer of the day award. Kishan Kanani and Chirag Bhensdadiya for enthusiastically involving in all acts of Group Day’s gaming. All the prizes handed to the winners by Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit (CEO, Technource).

After finishing the prize distribution ceremony, all staff members of Technource gathered on campus ground for ‘Photo session’. Photos captured in groups along with all members, Managers and CEO also. All members also take the advantages of personal and fashion photography as well.

Ultimately finished the great photo session, the staff members went at the Snack Corner named Rivera Food Corner for having some snacks & beverages, party was offered by the Technource.

Once again an excellent day was complete with fun. Thanks to the admin department for the great effort.