Don’t be Punished by Google, Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Google introduced the one major update in the current algorithm system and it will be working from 21, April 2015. After mentioning the date, it will be given more priority to “mobile responsive” websites in search engine result due to the mobile internet users. Thus, this news is the talk of town in the internet-marketing field especially in the SEO. It will affect the millions of website’s visibility in the Google. If your website has not responsive design or not support in mobile, there will be more chances to decrease your niche in search result page.

Google Mobile friendly Algorithm – Introduction

The Google is aware of increasing numbers of mobile users and surfing through such devices. Google announced, “Users will find it easier to get high quality, relevant search results that are optimized for their devices.” hence, Google has decided to give upper rank to a mobile friendly website in search result page.

Probably your website’s rank affected

Chances, you have aware about the website rank and Search engine optimization. Currently, the algorithm does not consider the website’s mobile-friendliness nature, thus it is a meaningless matter that your website is mobile friendly or not. Nevertheless, after the 21st April 15, Google should consider the mobile features in website ranking, hence unresponsive designed website might be losing ranking.

If your website has responsive design, then it will be fewer chances to affect by algorithm updating. Although, the website hasn’t responsive design it will be sure that its ranking in will be lost in search engine result page

Check your website, is it mobile friendly or not?

Okay, if you are not sure that your website, either mobile responsive or not, then you should visit the guide to mobile-friendly sites. Here, you will test your website ranking, keywords and provides the vital information that website has a responsive design or not! Even more, you can clearly identify that which page has mobile responsive designs and which hasn’t?

Solutions, if your website is not mobile friendly

If your website has not mobile responsive design, then you have to contact your web developer to modify your website design, into a mobile friendly format before 21st April, 15.

Page loading Speed, is the crucial function of the mobile friendly website and most internet users have not waited more than a few seconds for page loading, if loading speed of a page is slow, then they close it and go to other options, hence website’s bounce rate may increase and website ranking may go down. You can check your website speeds through

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