Don’t Miss Out 3 Mobile App Trends in the year 2017!!!

June 15, 2017
By Technource

The mobile technology is not the new concept anymore. In fact, it has caused quite an uprising in the field of technology. So, where are the mobile predictions heading to in 2017?

The updated and fresh technologies seem to be the backbone of every mobile phone. The most attractive feature is that your Smartphone or iPhone can offer is the capability for you access various apps. There are apps for all sorts of mobile platforms. Moreover, it is the best way to provide your customers exactly what they are looking for. So, the Android App Development Company is getting very busy these days creating effective apps for clients worldwide.

There are other factors that come up when we are talking about the apps. For instance, there are the games. Now, with time, the concept of games has also revolutionized. Earlier, games meant only the crashing of cars and shooting of guns. But now, it is also an effective and creative method to educate your kids. There are games to increase your vocabulary and other such features. So, if you are a businessman looking forward to opening an online store, make sure that you do not miss out on the apps too. It is because the apps provide an excellent medium to drive traffic to your business. So, Hire Android App Developer to create an app in order to spread your popularity among various iPhone apps.

Updates in the apps of 2017

Instant apps have seemed to have stolen the show in the aspect of mobile phone apps in 2017. The instant apps will not have to be downloaded or installed. It just appears in the search engine results based on its SEO. Then the user can use the app without downloading it at all. Isn’t that amazing? It is especially useful for those who do not have much space on their phones. This feature is only for the Android apps. So, with time, the developers are trying to decrease your effort and make the work easier for you. From a programming language to images, the developers make sure that everything improves the user’s experience. How cool is that?

Another important update that is almost round the corner is the integration of AI tools. These are voice activated AI tools. These will be especially useful for those who are visually impaired. But, everyone will find these most useful. You can not only make calls and send messages over the phone. But, you can also command the phone. So, the mobile becomes your friend. Your companion.

The advent of Hybrid App development

Well, this is the newest form of app development for all the developers. In fact, it is booming in the quick app development sector and everyone will be enticed by its never ending features. Also, it also helps you save a lot of money. It is rising in terms of popularity among the users and it can also be used on various operating systems.

Hybrid app development

So, if you’re looking for the awesome user experience, then the Hybrid apps are the best option for you. Consult a professional Android App Development Company for more vivid details.

iBeacon technology for the Android apps as well

iPhone or Android? This is a frequent query experienced by the Android App Development Company. iBeacon technology persists in the iPhone and it is also groomed with the location features. Now, it will help the user know the retail enterprise with ease.

iBeacon technology for the Android apps

Now, the same is coming to Android. Yes, it will be a tough competition. But, both of them will track down the location to give the user the right information.

Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality

Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality

This part is brought to you by the Android App Development Company for the gamers. The virtual reality helps people to engage and this is what makes the app very interesting. The next part is the Artificial Intelligence. This is also steadily carving a strong for a niche in technology.


What is the specialty of the apps?

Well, the first and foremost benefit of the apps is that they save a lot of time of your prospective client. Now, you must be wondering that how does that happen. It happens because the apps never beat around the bush. It provides your target clients exactly what they’re looking for. So, the users find apps very interesting and smart as well.

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