7 Steps to Optimize Your eCommerce App for Black Friday Sale & Christmas Sale


The revenue of online shopping at the time of Black Friday and Thanksgiving spiked up to 7.9 billion USD in 2017. A whopping 17.9 % increase from the previous year. Though this year’s Black Friday would be very different from what the world and eCommerce App and eCommerce websites are used to.
It’s a fact that any eCommerce portal spends months, meticulously planning, and implementing strategies that would yield the best results on such important days. If you and your teams have put in such hard work, you must make sure that your online store is completely optimized to handle the queries and onslaught you might face on D-Day.
Your web or mobile app is inevitably the backbone of your business. There will surely be a difference in your revenue if your app is fully functional and prepared to handle the heavy flow of customers. This blog shares 7 important steps that you can ponder to optimize your online eCommerce applications. Read on to gain insights on the same.

How to Optimize your eCommerce App for Christmas Sale?

1.Stock Your Inventory:

If your items are getting ‘Sold Out’ on a Black Friday sale, it’s a positive sign. It would denote that consumers are buying your products and they’re getting out of stock. But reading ‘Out of Stock’ written beside my favorite product will always frustrate any user and result in loss of sales.

The opposite end of this problem is over-stocking. To avoid stocking items that are unnecessary or are already in stock, the clarity in communication between your platform and your warehouse is crucial. This would help keep the inventory in check as new purchases roll in.

You’ll have a customer service nightmare awaiting you if you keep selling an item that’s been marked ‘out of stock’. Your eCommerce platform should be functional enough to update your store as soon as the product goes ‘out of stock’.

Your inventory problems can sabotage all the hard work you and your team have put in to make this event successful. So it happened with ‘Best Buy’ in 2011. Just in time for Christmas, Best Buy failed to deliver some of its orders for a Black Friday sale. One of the headlines that stuck with people was “Best Buy is Ruining Christmas”.

2. Logistics:

The fourth quarter of the year is already a busy time for eCommerce platforms. As the holiday season is about to set in, consumers are keen on buying new things. If they see an opportunity such as a Black Friday sale, it’s natural that they would want to make the best of it.

Your logistics team should be well prepared to deliver a high volume of packages. If you’re currently dependent on a third-party logistics provider, you must confirm the number of orders they can handle in a day. You should keep a backup logistic provider who can manage your orders in case of an emergency.

Amazon has raised the delivery standards to such heights that customers today have become intolerant of shipping delays. They want their products delivered as quickly as possible. One other front to cover would be monitoring your social media handles for any such customer complaints. It’s in your best interest to resolve each as quickly as possible.

3. Examine your App Infrastructure:

Your app performance should be the first thing you should analyze before even thinking about hosting a sale. The only thing that connects your services with your clientele is your app. Your platform should be stable enough to handle the huge traffic that would use your service on the days of the sale. Every second on the day of the sale would matter.

All your pages should load strikingly fast and the transition between pages should be seamless. Some of the most important aspects of your app like image rendering, check-out process, advanced search options, and many others should be examined by your team at regular intervals.

Ease of navigation & speed of your app is the priority for any user. According to an eCommerce survey by Imperva/Incapsula, about 62 % and more users will only wait for a maximum of 5 seconds for a page to completely load. According to the tech giant Google, “two seconds is the threshold for website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half-second.”

Amazon calculated a few years ago that a page delay of one second would cost them 1.6 billion USD in sales each year. Hence, you can imagine how high the stakes are right now. The high traffic rate during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales can bring down the largest of sites. In 2016, a wide variety of brands like Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and the Gap disappointed its customers with faltering apps.

4. Analyze your Checkout Process:

On the day of a Black Friday sale, the user may have many options for hot sales. Your check-out process shouldn’t become a reason for your competitors to steal away your customers. Generally, this happens if the checkout process of your app is either too cumbersome or slow. You must sit with your development team and optimize your checkout process. Cross-check if any unnecessary steps are interfering with faster checkout.

Below mentioned are some ways that you can inculcate in your app for faster checkout.

  • Discard unnecessary forms.
  • Offer a myriad of payment options
  • Display error messages clearly
  • Allow users to modify instant changes in their orders
  • It should be mobile-friendly

Your checkout process should be friction-free at all times especially on such important occasions. One must always remember that the consumer always has a choice to leave instead of bothering or wasting time with a confusing checkout process. You should always try different tweaks that can quicken your checkout process and boost conversion rates.

5. Keep your Troops Ready

There will be thousands of queries, plenty of returns, and many other issues with logistics and payments, and much more. Your customer service resources will be your biggest assets in this shopping sale.

It’s only natural if you’ve spent months training your team members for this big sale. It’s really difficult to train people last minute. But it’s possible to bring in additional customer support or give more hours to existing employees. You can also try looking into third-party service providers for such events.

There should always be a ready-to dispense team of support staff, managers, and engineers that can fix bugs, resolve site issues, detect errors, and put out other small or large fires.

6. Provide Special Customers with Specialized Offers:

Sale events are the perfect opportunity for you to offer special considerations to your most loyal customers. These are your customers who make orders across the year and make repeat purchases. You should return the favor by offering them special discounts and coupons and convert their excitement into priceless happiness. This gesture would be appreciated a lot by any consumer anywhere in the world.

You can also reward your most special customers with special member-only deals or give them time in advance to shop before non-VIP customers. Another way to make them happy is by offering them overnight and free shipping on all of their orders. Extra reward points that can be used while shopping next time will also be considered a rewarding gesture on your part.

7. Use the Mobile First Approach:

As per the predictions made by Adobe the more than 50% of visits to retail sites come from smartphones or tablets. Though desktops account for 2/3rds of the revenue all year round, consumers prefer using their smartphones or tablets to do their holiday shopping.

Creating an enriching mobile experience for your eCommerce website is extremely important. Your IT team should keep a constant tab on how your site behaves on mobile apps in this challenging time.

It’s a task for mobile app developers to build apps with screens that fit on different devices as they have different screen sizes and aspect ratios to consider. If the images you’re rendering don’t fit the screen size or take too much time to load, that would be a good enough reason for your consumers to give a chance to your competitors.

Your competitors and the most established eCommerce organizations have spent months analyzing every aspect of their site by mapping it on mobile devices with different screen sizes and aspect ratios. As the competition for eCommerce customers is increasing day by day it’s only advisable to not take anything for granted.

eCommerce App Development Tips – How to Optimize Your App for Christmas Sale?

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