Employee of The Month Award Distribution & Lunch Party by Technource

July 16, 2015
By Technource

Technource arranged a lunch party at ‘US Pizza’ on an occasion of ‘Employee of the Month Jun-2015’ award distribution ceremony and cordial welcome to new members. ‘Creating most friendly and professional atmosphere on the floor’ is always an aim of the company.

Technource is one of the leading web development companies of India, which is truly dedicated to the industry. It achieved many goals in three years of professional journey with dedicated members and excellent administrative performance.

Employee of the Month

Technource has started to appreciate performance of the employees. The best ‘employees of the month’ are not chosen only based on their work performance, but also considering other elements such as punctuality, communication, dedication, professional, ardency and so on. Thus, getting an award is not easy for anybody and tough to choose the best employee for admin department.

Renu Suthar – Team Leader of the Month

Renu Suthar Employee of month

Renu Suthar, leader of the web development team won the award of ‘team leader of the month’. She has been working with technource for last five months. She is truly dedicated to the company and her team members. She has expertise in customize Web Development. She won the award for her optimistic attitude and successfully leading a team.

Pratik Mistry – Employee of the Month (SEO Dept.)

Pratik Mistry Employee of month

Pratik Mistry, team member of SEO Dept. won the award of ‘employee of the month’. He has been working with technource for last nine months. When he joined the SEO field, he was a fresher but his enthusiastic approach toward learning makes him experts in a field. He had chosen for the award due to his outstanding performance meanwhile June 15.

Jalpa Hadiyal – Employee of the Month (PHP Dept.)

Jalpa Hadiyal employee of month

Jalpa Hadiyal, team member of PHP Dept. won the award among PHP developers and designers. She has been working with Technource for one year. She is a one of the experienced PHP developers of the company and had participated in many successful projects. She is the only one employee who got “Employee of the Month” award two times. Indeed, it’s too much tough to win award in this department, but she performed excellently in a last month.

A big Lunch party at US Pizza

After completing award distribute functions, the Technource arranged the big lunch party for the family members. Through party, Technource wants to cordially welcome to the new family members.


Once again, a great experience for family members and surprising event for new staff! Obviously, the party would be wonderful due to enthusiastic and young people. Staff enjoyed the taste of US pizza with beverages and then after brownie with ice cream. Photography! Of course, the members of company love the photography and captured funny & memorable moments during the party.