Employee Of The Month August– 2017

September 11, 2017
By Technource


Being an Energizing wave of light and owing tides of the ocean in the forms of our impeccable Employees the Technource feels the pride to encourage them. We make one family full of achievements and goals. Our employees – a consistent source of persistence towards smart work makes easy to handle tricky tasks and complex solutions.

Technource esteems the dedication and the way of they gain fun with productive ideas. It has been nurtured in the culture of the company to have skilled employees and give them priorities. Because ultimately, Technource believes that, If there are Happy Employees, So can be the Happy Clients.  To give an acceleration in the intelligence of our employees, we appreciate, pat and praise them. We keep reminding our family that your efforts are always been a boon for us.

Last Wednesday, we just have added another Employee of the Month. This time, the Certifications made their way towards Raj Thakkar (PHP Developer) and Neha Chauhan (Android Developer).

Raj Thakkar - PHP Developer

Being a PHP developer, Raj Thakkar, we respect your endless effort till the completion of projects. We love your quality work and our expectations have become more leveled up for your work.

Neha Chauhan - Android Developer

Neha Chauhan, you’re being a promising developer day by day in the Android App Development. We would adore to working with you and your dedication in upcoming times of Technource, too.

We Cordially Congratulate all of You!! Stay focused and keep looting ideas from your brilliance with Fun. If you’re the one who would like to join our team, please drop your CV at hr@technource.com or talk to us on 079 4032 8357.


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