Expert advice! What to Choose for my Business? PPC or SEO?

Today, the internet marketing is an essential strategy to strongly represent business on the internet and grabbing traffics on a website. Almost every business owners use somehow online strategies to catch potential customers from the internet. Many internet-marketing tricks are popular in the advertising world, such as Search Engines Optimization, Pay Per Click, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. Although, SEO and PPC are the most powerful techniques, grabbing effective traffic on the site.

So many business owners haven’t thorough understanding about the application of various internet marketing. Mostly, among them, not find the much difference between SEO and PPC. Actually, both have different benefits and both differently performed in the search engines. Everybody knows an importance of advertising for promoting products expands business and grab potential traffic to their platform. However, they can’t separate SEO and PPC which one is the best choice for business; moreover, they feel confusing when they are choosing any one option from the both techniques.

As a business owner, obviously, you have also interested to know about PPC, SEO, and its advantages. Furthermore, this post also helps small business owners and new online store on the internet. You will see the benefits of both the strategies and which is best for your business.

Why & When Should You Use PPC? See How it Better Than SEO?

In a simple definition, PPC is all about paying for specific target keywords and for advertising space on the search results page. The PPC ads appeared at the top and along the right sidebar of the search result page as well as at the end of SERP.

Why PPC is better than SEO & Advantages of PPC.

1. Pay-Per-Click is one of the fastest ways to established credible online presence of new open business immediately which not possible with SEO strategies.

2. PPC is more relevant for those, who may want to grab quality leads quickly and eager to build up an organic foothold in search engines.

3. The survey shows that the users come through paid advertisements are making an immediate purchase, meaning that users who come through PPC are actually looking to buy a product. While in organic search the users may come for information.

4. Through PPC, you can achieve huge traffic on your website whatever your website doesn’t SEO or mobile friendly.

5. You can easily obtain the traffic for events, sale & discount offers and other time sensitive offers through PPC. You can’t get enough traffic with SEO for 2-3 days offers.

6. With PPC, you can target particular audience example, according geographical region, community, age, etc. for a particular product.

Drawbacks of PPC strategy & Why Not use it all Business Owners

It is true that PPC is the powerful and fastest ways to get traffic on the website immediately, yet not use it for all business owners. Look at here why it is not for all???

1. You must need to allot a significant budget for PPC. In short, PPC can be expensive.

2. Not all visitors are buyers, which comes through paid advertising, thus your investment in PPC is sometime worthless.

3. It is appropriate for new business, but some small business owner unable to allot a huge advertising budget.

4. PPC campaigns require enhancement and constant optimization in order to keep the ads performing and producing an ROI.

5. If you are not able to set up PPC campaigns properly, you may lose your budgets with little to nothing benefits from it.

Why Should You go for SEO? Why it’s better than other SEM Strategies?

SEO is essential for every online business, as a statistic shows that approx 80% traffic on a website comes through search engines. It is a quite important strategy to achieve a niche in the first page of the search result page.

What, you can achieve with SEO or Its Advantages

1. You don’t need to allot a large budget for SEO! Like Pay per Click. It is less expensive, especially, for them who want to target a significant number of keywords.

2. The organic traffic is always more than the PPC. SEO is the best Search Engine Marketing strategy to improve Organic traffic on a website. Thus, if you can manage the rank of your website, you can continuously get organic traffic to your business site.

3. SEO is a more reliable strategy for the permanent result. When, you have closed PPC campaign, your website will not be seen in Search Results.

4. Now, an internet user has become more aware of internet ads and they are ignoring the paid section of the search result page. They are focused on the actual search results.

5. One of the hidden benefits of ranking in top place in a result page builds the brand value that is crucial for small business.

6. SEO optimized website is easy to browse, fast and compatible with tablet and mobile devices, so you can also translate visits in conversions.

7. SEO is good for social media; the web page with high rank in SERPs is also gaining more exposure in social media.

Limitations and Drawbacks of SEO strategy

1. There is no any perfect internet marketing method, which has not any limitations. SEO is a good and universal popular strategy in SEM but still it has some limitations, let see…

2. With, SEO you do not achieve a desirable result immediately, it is a slow timeframe for getting top position in SERPs.

3. Your website should be SEO-friendly. On-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies should be excellent.

4. It is the fact that SEO is less expensive, but you will not get ROI in a week or month; you need to run an SEO campaign for a long time for better ROI.

5. SEO does not provide you full control, the website ranking is allotted by algorithm system. Thus, the results obtain with SEO is maybe unexpected sometimes.

6. Chances, your website may penalize by search engines, in case you follow ‘black hat’ SEO techniques and updating poor quality contents.

Overall, PPC and SEO is essential search engine marketing strategies. PPC is much expensive campaign while SEO is cheaper. PPC is the best option for new online business to get traffic to a website while SEO is a good option to gain organic traffic. In short, both have its own advantages and drawbacks hence before apply any strategy you should need to take expert’s advice.

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