Good News! Shopify Launches its Own Apps for iPad Point of Sale Platform

July 23, 2015
By Technource


Shopify launched its own apps for their merchant customers a day ago. You know that Shopify is a one of the popular eCommerce platforms for developing and running an online store. More than 1,50,000 merchants downloaded business applications, whichever running their business on this platform. With these applications, they can improve their business lead and expands their brands among the internet users.

Nowadays, the influence of the digital technology is remarkably increasing in the entire world. This technology plays the key roles in the online business. Consumers want more facilities and it is tough for every business owner. They need to promote business constantly and engage with customers. The business owners are using the traditional and the latest technology to generate sales nowadays.

iPad Apps from Shopify

Shopify is one of the leading company that brings the innovation in the internet business. If your store is running on this platform then you have experienced of its several amazing features. Shopify understands the essentiality of the applications in today’s world. Hence, it launched the ‘Shopify App Store’ for Shopify’s online retail stores just a day ago. App store starts with five apps, Appcard, Turnstyle, Supple Wholesale, Ultimate Sales Manager, and Order Printer.

Merchants can download and install any business app either free or paid from the Shopify App Stores, which they can feel it right. These apps have their own applications in the particular operation in the online business such as Marketing, Social Media, Shipping, Inventory, and Accounting. Through these applications, now you can enhance your business and get more control of entire business processes at free of cost or in a few charges.

Overall, with this app store, Shopify aims to give power and flexibility to shopify store owners. The merchant should have iPad to take benefit of these applications. They can download and install business app from ‘Shopify App Store’ to generate the business lead, promote and handle the business through iPad.

Do business from your iPad too!!!!