ASO Company Optimize Mobile App With Marketing Tactics

July 29, 2016
By Technource

When you came to know that your competitors’ app gets good download while your app couldn’t, even after it is better than there. You will definitely feel curious; how is it possible? The reason is that they have hired ASO company for marketing their apps to increase installs.

The proverb says that “If you have a mobile app and not doing marketing means you don’t want others to install in their smartphones.”

Here, we have listed the points how an App Store Optimization (ASO) company optimizes the mobile app to increase reputation on the app store.


Keyword Research & Use in App Name and Description:

Keyword research is integral for any mobile application optimization. Choose only those keywords which are relevant to your app & ones which has lower difficulty stores. And at last, choose keywords with the highest traffic scores. These keywords will help you to increase traffic & achieve higher ranking in app-store.

Mobile app marketing doesn’t start the promoting task after completing the keyword research. Because there is no meaning of it. They apply relevant keywords in App title & description without affecting the keyword density. This simple step can improve ranking in short time. According to MobileDevHQ, placing keywords in the title alone can able to improve the app’s search ranking by 10.3%. Also, keep in mind that the tactic of using keywords is different for Google Play Store & iTunes App store.

Monitor the Progress (Keywords Ranking, Traffic, Downloads):

They continuously monitor the app keyword ranking & traffic using the paid or free tools. Such tools give the clear insight into your app & that will be used by professionals to build a result driven strategies. Even these tools allow the company to observe where their competitors are (ahead or behind) at the same time.

Always monitor the competitors:

There is no possibility that there are no competitors of your app. So, it is mandatory to stay ahead of your competitors to build your own reputation. Mobile app marketing companies monitor the competitors’ app like their ideas, search keyword, representation, features etc. & apply good ideas on their client’s app to beat them.

They take care of app’s Visual Appeal:

App marketing using images is the strategy that no agency should never neglect to use it. They just use some screenshots of the app that convey app’s best feature accurately, which attract visitors & give a good reason to download an app. The Mobile App marketing company uses only a few images to show browsers why the application is worth for them & also they get the result through this step because of choosing image carefully.

Create & Promote the Application related Videos:

Without knowing, how an app works; consumers will not install in a smartphone just to feel the space. They always want to know how this works before buying it. Create the video which contains the best features & also keep in mind that it should be short otherwise a watcher will leave in between without watching the full video & may be possible that s/he will not see what you wants to show. For the marketing of the app; there is an option of adding a YouTube video which is not available in the iTunes store.

Now I hope that your curiousness is satisfied; if not then might be possible that below questions will be raised in your mind.

1. How can I find the best App Store Optimization company for my App?
2. How fast they can improve the keyword ranking for my app?
3. Is this really helpful for my app?

You will get all the above question’s answer at the Technource – a well known Mobile app development & Digital marketing company. Come up with your requirements; we will fulfill with care.

Final Thoughts:

A well designed & properly optimized app will have a direct impact on downloads, installs, ratings & usage frequency. But this only will be done only if it is promoted to a targeted audience in a proper way. And an ASO company can do this. The last bitter truth of an ASO is out here: As an App owner, you have to keep patience for the no. of downloads to increase. Never expect overnight popularity/installations because it’s not like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where you can get traffic & ranking in a couple of months.

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