How to Install Intuit QuickBooks App In Your Shopify Stores?

August 21, 2015
By Technource


Shopify has launched a new app for their merchant to automatic tallying order information and time saving efforts. Now, merchants can save their time, which they spend on manually downloading orders information and accountings by installing ‘Intuit QuickBooks Online’ app with their Shopify account.

Benefits of Intuit QuickBooks Online App

Merchants can file all the data about product, payment, customer data and tax in the correct account and ledgers automatically. They also take more advantage of accounting such as generate sales receipts, view account balances, sales trends and more.

Now, you can import all orders from Shopify stores into App easily and quickly so you save your time & don’t need to re-enter product data manually. In addition, you can also export previous orders from QuickBooks into Shopify.

Now, you can simply view the full summary of orders’ total values and profits through products into QuickBooks app just after exporting your sell into the app.

Create sales receipts of your orders by just a single click, through export orders into sales receipt.

Furthermore, the order you export from a Shopify store into the app will automatically include taxes, tax rates for various tax agencies (also set up new tax agencies) and all line items so you can save too much time.

Steps to Install QuickBooks Online App and Sync Accounts

1. To Install the application and synchronize your Shopify account, visit the QuickBooks Online app page

2. Click on link and choose your preferred plan.

3. you can also register free trial for one month. Once you registered your account for the QuickBooks Online app.

4. Install the app from the Shopify app stores, login and connect your account.

5. Synchronize app to your account.

Now you can take the benefits of the application whenever you want monthly, weekly even more daily export your Shopify data to app by click on ‘Export Shopify Orders’ button. You can get more about this app here.

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