Indoor game day celebration at Technource on 22nd July

July 25, 2016
By Technource

On 22nd July – 2016, indoor game day was organized in Technource for refreshing employee’s mood. On that day 3 games were played; Musical chair, Dialogue delivery and Pass the bottle. At first we played Musical chair in  which 4 rounds were played and Mehul from Mobile App Department won the game. Entire atmosphere was musical and everyone enjoyed playing the game.

Dialogue Delivery” was played. Let me tell you how to play that, a candidate from each team is supposed to pick up a note from bowl and is supposed to speak the dialogue written in that note with action. His team members is supposed to guess that the dialogue is of which movie and name of actress or actor. The team will get marks according to the performance of its members. Every employee has tried to speak dialogue with proper action but some of them did it perfectly; it wasn’t easy for all. The SEO and Sales team won the game. At last we played passing the bottle. Everyone enjoyed it, the entire day was full of fun and masti.

Have a glimpse of the Indoor Game Day Celebration 2016:




Dialouge Delivery Winners

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