Install & Get Benefits of Varnish Cache in Magento Website

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  • The loading speed of the ecommerce site affects on the conversion rates. The poor speed of website decrease the sell due to visitors that do not wait more than few seconds to load website. The cache technology or reverse caching proxy technology install in the website especially in the ecommerce website to improve website speed. Thus, they can save visitors’ time and so improve conversion rates.

    Varnish Cache

    Varnish cache is the outstanding fast cache technology that incredibly changed the speed of the website once installed in the Magento online stores. Probably you have already installed Mageneto’s cache mechanisms for increase loading speed even though we recommend you to install Varnish Cache for wonder experienced to your visitors. Varnish is an HTTP booster and so amazingly increase the Magento website’s performance.

    Top Advantage – Mind Blowing Speed

    Caching is a process where data automatically stored and when user tries for retrieval then system does not need to run all entire process again to load the data. It’s beneficial to store it in memory with fast reading speeds. Once data stored, then after no need to download again and so saves a plenty of times of the users.

    When visitors come on the website and send the requests to the server to load the page. The server finds the related files that correspond to requests. The varnish is powerfully caching of your Magento online stores to an advance level.

    Varnish Cache creates the exact copy of request after the first visit of the users and when users again send the same request, it recognizes the proxy and speedily replies a cached version of the result. Thus, it can save the time of visitors or give mind-blowing speed.

    Overall, with the support of varnish cache, the Magento store owners can improve the speed of his website over 300 times! In addition, whenever your website hit by enormous traffic, then varnish is effectively working well.

    Improve the Conversion Rates

    You can notice the positive effects on conversation rate once applied varnish cache along with Magento ecommerce website. The survey on the conversation rate and loading speed of the many popular online stores shows that page loading speed effect on the selling. It is fact that, if your web page’s speed is slow then you can lose many potential consumers and face the poor conversation rates.

    SEO Values

    According to the Google search engine, page loading speed is considered for ranking. The good ranking of the website always achieves huge organic traffic and thus improve the business lead. You can easily analysis the relation between selling and website ranking. If your competitor website rank is higher than your website for any keyword, then you lose many potential customers.

    Bounce Rate

    The result shows that page loading speed affects on the bounce rates and bounce rate effects on the website ranking. The visitors don’t wait more than a few moments of their queries. Nobody likes to see the symbol of loading when he/she is shopping online. There are many similar websites on the internet so if you want to grab the consumers you must have good loading speed websites and you can improve the loading speed with Varnish Cache.

    Don’t Need Regular Up-dates

    Generally, most of applications require the regular up-dates for better performance and technical issues while once you installed Varnish Cache you don’t need to up-dates for the entire life of the website.

    To sum up, you will seek the several business advantages through Varnish Cache such as increase conversion rates, reduce bounce rate, visitors’ time saving for query and improved SEO value.


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