Mobile ad spend in India will transcend $1 billion till 2018!!!

June 29, 2017
By Technource

Nowadays, the use of mobile phones is not only restricted to the dialing and receiving calls. It is, in fact, the third largest medium of advertisements in India after television and print.


The digital marketing is highly responsible for the meteoric growth of the mobile media. In fact, a new research has shown that the global mobile advertising market has surpassed 100$ billion in spending. That accounts for almost 50% of the entire digital ads spent in 2016. So, the entire expenditure on mobile advertisements will be approximate $101.37 billion.

A research firm has stated that the mobile ad spending will nearly double in between the year 2016 and 2019. In fact, it will account for 70.1% of the online digital ads spend over one-quarter of the entire media. So, this shows that the mobile phones can cause and is causing a huge leap in the world of Internet marketing. Mobile advertisements are an integral part of the Digital Marketing to a great extent.

But, however, despite this explosive growth, India lags behind the huge numbers. In India, the concept of mobile ad spending is not really encouraging. In fact, the advertising spending on the mobile ads was assumed to be approximately Rs 4200 Crore by the end of 2016. So, it is also expected to grow to Rs 10,000 crore by the end of 2018.


We all know that India and China have crossed almost 1 billion mobile connections mark. But, among these two, India is the fastest growing mobile market and thus it adds more subscribers than China every year. But, despite the massive mobile audience, India large when it comes to mobile and spending.

What is the reason for the growing popularity of the mobile ads in the field of Digital Marketing?

There are two very crucial reasons of this significant rise. One is the increase in the developing and emerging market throughout the world. The second reason is that the use of smartphones has increased and is increasing considerably every day.

The developing Digital Marketing companies are focusing on the use of advertisements via the mobile phones to a great extent. The companies are engaged in developing innovative techniques to make the best use of mobile devices across the world. Now, the question is why?


The answer to the above lies in the second reason. The use of smartphones has increased to such an extent that many consumers are using the mobile internet only all the time. That is why the leading advertisers allocate their digital expenditure to the mobiles considerably. In fact, there is going to be a gradual shift to mobiles from the desktop versions of everything with the passage of time. The concept of the Digital Marketing will lead to the proliferation of the mobile phones to a great extent.

Mobile ad spending growth in abroad

The leading global markets stay in the US and China. It has a huge population that also drives the mobile ad to spend growth to a great extent. US advertisers have spent $40.24 billion in 2016 in order to reach out to a maximum number of customers with the help of the mobile phones and other such platforms. Even China is also increasing the investments to prosper in the field of mobile ads every year. So, it is expected that these two countries will see the mobile phones become a part of digital ads by 2018.

AD Spend - WorldWide

The other 3 markets that will make it the top 5 with the US and China are the UK, Japan, and Germany. These nations will also increase the investments for the mobile ads. Mobile phones are something that is popular beyond explanation. So, spending digital ads on the mobile devices will never be a bad idea.

In fact, Canada and Australia are also expected to beat South Korea in order to become sixth and seventh largest mobile ad markets in the global market.


So, the conclusion lies in the fact that rural markets account for 60% of the entire mobile ad growth in the country. According to studies, India is also expected to increase its use of mobile ads at the rate of 15%. This will be an attempt to reach a billion people by the year 2018. Also, in order to increase the number of mobile subscribers, India has to add a total of 165 million new subscriptions.


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