Rich Snippet – Why it is important for eCommerce store???

December 1, 2015
By Technource

We all have heard the word “Rich Snippet” directly or indirectly. But many of us do not know what it is and how it would be helpful for ecommerce store? So, today let’s discuss on it.

Rich Snippet, What it is???

Rich snippet is used to advertise website content & provides much more information to users so that they can take quick decision of clicking & visit website. One can do this with the help of (similar to structure data), it helps search engines to understand website content easily that enhances the search result and one can easily understand what a website is serving to him. This is one of the best ways to build search engine friendly signal that create a huge impact on website ranking.

Rich Snippet is important for eCommerce store, why???

You might have seen rich media like image, videos, ratings, reviews etc in SERP & we know that these all rich media are necessary for any eCommerce store i.e built in any platform. It allows admin to add media (images, videos, reviews etc.) which will help to increase click through rate (CTR). Let’s take an example,

For a particular keyword, a Website (non-rich media result) is ranking on the first position and getting good traffic but after understanding the importance of rich snippet, admin implements rich snippet on a website. After this implementation, a Website gets 50% more traffic than the previous one.

Rich Snippets help to higher Website Ranking, how???

As we said earlier, rich snippet increase the visibility and chances of more CTR, but question is, how it will help? Structure mark-up data & rich-snippets always help search Engines like Google to understand website content. Google will rank your search result higher and get more clicks as a result of organic traffic. Previously, Google didn’t consider such things as a ranking signal but after John Mueller’s statement, Google has started to consider it in ranking algorithm. He said that “over time, I think it [structured mark-up] is something that might go into the rankings as well.”

Have a look at the full of Video John Mueller here below:

Some of the most useful eCommerce Rich Snippet Format:

• Best Rich Snippet Format for eCommerce sites
• Product Name and Price
• Product availability (in stock or not)
• Ratings & Reviews
• Offers like “Limited Offer for Black Friday!”
• Product images & product videos

Over to You:

Is your website coded with such rich snippet formats?? If yes, then no need to worry, you are or will be rewarded of it by higher ranking in Google but if not then you must need to add in website. Drop us an email at Technource will make your website Search Engine Friendly.