Signature Day Celebration at Technource

February 8, 2016
By Technource

Same as every year, this year; Technource has planned to celebrate different days for amusing employee’s mood. On 8th Feb 2016, Technouce celebratedSignature Day”in office. Each and every employee was in white shirt or t-shirt and they imprinted their impression in the form of words & cartoons on each other’s t-shirt as a memory for future through which they can remember each other in future even when they are at distant. Today, it was an amazing start of Technource’s day celebration.

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We enjoyed a lot; imprinted each other, took group photos, groupies, team photos etc. Thanks to HR – Dixit Parmar for arranging this awesome day celebration in office. we are sure that we will enjoy this day’s  week and will have lots of unerasable moments in the diary of our life.

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