Mobile App Development: Step up in 2017 with the future Technology Trends

November 30, 2016
By Technource

2016 is going to be ended and 2017 is approaching. 2016 was the awesome year, especially for the mobile technology. During this year; lots of new mobile technologies come to the market with various advanced features. This is due to the booming rise in smartphone selling all over the world. Do you know that Google play store has 2.3 million while Apple App store has near about 2 million and the surprising thing is that this number won’t slow down but gradually increasing? This increases the competition and leads to innovating new things to stay on the top.
So, here we have listed some Mobile App Development Trends that you should consider seriously otherwise you will be out of the market whatever you were in yesteryears.

1-1IoT App Integration will get more attention:
The Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading its wings worldwide and this industry has been gradually increasing with lots of innovative things. This is becoming stronger with the time among all other technologies. With the IoT-based apps; one can get better facilities to access several things in your home. Companies in the fields of education, health, smart homes, automobiles, security and much more have started the experiment to integrate mobile apps with IoT devices. So, Keep in mind at the time developing apps; this will be a good move in next year.


Location Based Services is on the big move:
With an ease of use and availability of GPS on all smartphone today, LBS known as Location-Based Services will give users real-time information that everyone strives for it. There are various key areas where LBS can be easily implemented and give good features to users like location-specific payment portals, mapping, navigation, travel & tourism, retail offers and many more. Recently, several tech giants have made huge purchases, especially in the LBS space.


Wearable devices:
As we know that smartwatches are being popular and also there is a huge crowd that uses such smartwatches & getting good responses. Even the fitness sensors & sports oriented devices are gaining a big attention by people. This proves that the market of wearable and wearable apps will be at the top in the next years.


Enterprise Apps will be a new ERA:
We are living in this era where everybody wants profit & give the best things to their potential customers. Due to this reason, mobile app developers are putting great efforts to build up enterprise apps that generate revenue for the owner. So, enterprise apps are gaining much more importance. It is predicted that in the coming years, the area of enterprise apps will spread widely and will become large.

1-5Beacon Technology will improve and show its importance:
In current time, beacon technology is the talk of the town. This is developed for the IOS devices and now it’s also available for Android devices. With this, you can get a number of opportunities like multi-functionality and easier to track the last location. It is used to find the temperature of a place, detect any kinds of danger and more. Currently, many mobile technology experts have been started experiments on this to find the best solutions of real-time problems.

These above are the big predicted trends in mobile development. Along with this, the innovative mobile UX design and hybrid HTML5 will show their impact in future years. It is also important to hire dedicated mobile developers to build apps that have enough knowledge of the above technologies.
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