Technource Celebrated CEO’s Birthday on Wednesday

November 2, 2018
By Technource

Technource Team Celebrated CEO’s Birthday with lots of surprises. We have fully decorated our premises, especially the CEO’s Cabin on 28th October on the occasion of his birthday. White balloons and the beautiful ribbons had totally changed the scene of the office. So many mesmerizing surprises were waiting for him when he arrived in the office.

We have created sticky notes on birthday wishes & put them in his cabin. He was surprised when he entered the office. We all wished him but then we had funny moments when we entered his cabin with a beautiful cake. We have a big team to fit our boss’s cabin size, but we enjoyed a lot.

Then it was time for the cake cutting ceremony, that was again a lot of fun for us. The team was eagerly waiting and excitements were not over yet, the party has just begun.

And finally, we shared the birthday gifts. But wait a moment there was one more surprise. We were planned one task for sir to guess the which of the notes were written by whom of us.

Overall It was so memorable day for us.

You can check more pictures and videos of the birthday celebration of technource on Facebook and Instagram.

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