Understand the Improved Google Search Analytics Report (SAR)

Recently Google announced a Search Analytical Report after several important algorithm updates in the current year. This improvement gives more detailed information about organic visitors to SEO experts and digital marketers than the previous year. The SAR tool gives much of the information about search queries, clicks, impression, etc.

The new search analytics report contains more detailed information about visitors and thus you can focus on a particular area to improve traffic to your website. Statistic, filters, page optimization and click reports are significant improvements in new SAR. You can get more detail about website performance in Google and about the visitors of your website. Thus, you can make powerful strategies for generating more traffic on your site.

1. The newly launched search analytic report shows the more reliable and consistent statistic data. We know that Google has made many changes in the reports data and way of tool uses. For any query, your website appears more than once on SERPs, and then it collected as an impression and reported once per domain. If your site appears twice on SERPs and visitors click on one link, return and click the other link to the same destination then it counts as a single click.

2. Rich filters providing more detail information, you can also apply multiple filters together for grouping, filtering and comparing your data. As a marketer, you can track your traffic in more details or at granular level. With the help of filters, you can get more detailed idea about the search queries on various categories or grouping such as group by page, country, search type, date and so on.

3. SEO experts get more idea about URL links and loading page for a particular query. Besides, track the certain pages’ performance for various queries. Thus, you can focus on optimization of given page and page optimization related issues.

4. The most significant advantage of the search analytics reports is, you can view how many impression you obtain for a query and position as well. In addition, you get the report of how many visitors visit your website by click on SERPs. Now, for getting these reports you need to purchase or use SEO software, which costs in the hundreds and more dollars!

You can understand the significance of the new search analytic report tool. Indeed, now SEO experts and digital marketer get the more detailed reports and support them to develop powerful strategies for enhancing traffic on the site.


Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top AngularJS development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps and website development services.

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