Warning! Blocking CSS or Javascript can result in suboptimal rankings

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  • Hey All Website’s Owners,

    Do you know? Few days ago. Google announced that the webmaster guidelines have been updated. The updating guideline is all about the enriching index system, which is more favored to typical modern browsers, with Javascript and CSS turned on.

    Maybe your website lost its visibility in Google search engines due to blocked CSS & Javascript files on your website. Whether you want that, your website is stayed at a good position; allow Google to crawl your Javascript and CSS files as soon as possible.

    Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on premierpromonow

    Google publicized that bot (spider) accesses the CSS, Javascript and image files on your website for optimal rendering & indexing. If, you have an idea, Google-indexing systems had used a text browser such as Lynx to examine your site before this update.

    In addition, “Disallowing crawling of Javascript or CSS files in your site’s robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithms render and index your content and can result in suboptimal rankings.” Mentioned in updated technical Webmaster Guidelines. Look at Here

    Webmaster Update: Then & Now

    Then How it is worked?:

    It uses a simple text browser like Lynx to crawl your website. Reason is that search engine bots see website as such browser would. Search engine bots may have difficulty to crawl special features like javascript, css, session, frames, cookies, dynamic HTML, flash objects & image files, it means that Spider may not crawl your website completely.

    Now How it will work?:

    Now, Google Indexing system renders all the pages of a website using HTML and all the features like javascripts, images, css files too. So, to crawl your website fully, allow all your site’s assets like javascript and css files to be crawled by spiders.

    If you have blocked css and javascript files through Robots.txt, kindly remove that and allow spiders to crawl. You can use fetch as Google functionality to check whether your website is crawled or not.

    Decisive Google indexing advice for your website

    Now, do you understand that updated Google indexing system is a more accurate approximation to modern web browsers. Google advices the web owners to allow Googlebot access to the CSS, JavaScript, and image files that your pages use for optimal rendering and indexing.

    How can you be certain that new updating indexing systems render your web pages properly & how to identify a number of indexing issues? Google created the Fetch and Render Tool within webmaster tools.

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