What is Pokémon Go & Why Gamers are Crazy about it?

July 21, 2016
By Technource


Do you know that streets are flooded with the Pokémon catchers all the time. The fever of this game has taken over the whole world faster than the contagious diseases. Even social networking sites are buzzing only on this highly played game. Are you wondered about what it is & why people only talking about this?

What is Pokémon Go?

It is one of the best free augmented reality mobile games for the iOS & Android devices which is developed by the Niantic labs. Generally it uses the GPS navigation & Google Maps to place the Pokémon in a real world for the gamer to catch & collect. Till now, it has more than 50 millions downloads withing just 2 weeks and numbers has been increasing.

If you don’t know about Pokémon Go then watch this video

Numbers that Make you Crazy about the Game:

5.16 percentage: Online tracking service similar web stats that the game was installed on 5.16% of all the android devices in United states 3 days after the app’s live on play store. This is more quicker than the tinder.

4 Million: User around the world (excluding US) have been trying to download the game using apk file or bypassing the official app store. Traffic of the Apkmirror.com go from around 620,000 on 5th july to 4 millons on 6th july.

$9 Billion: Even the stock market likes this game. Since the release of app (6 July); Nintendo stocks are up. The Nintendo has seen more than $9 billion added to company’s market value.

33-35 Percentage: The average time spent on the facebook & twiiter has dropped by the 33-35 percentage after releasing of this game. On an average, people spent 33 mintues on such sites eariler; now the time is 22 minutes.

Why People Love this game more than anything even their life?

Loved by the Global community: It’s not a game but a kinf of experience. It can help to explore the new world of augmented reality with the imagination. Since release; it has been recieved all over the world & give a new way to remember your childhood memories.

It actuate your sense:    Being augmented reality based, this game surely beats experience of the VR games & seat warming games like crime schens & candy crush.
Look world beyond your smartphone: While you are on the streets to find the Pokémons, you will be aware of your surroundings & increase your concentration. You start looking beyond a smartphone to find the world beyond. That will definitely improves the foot eye coordination.

Health Benefits: To catch such tiny tots, the game has decided the minimum distance to walk. And all these waking distances definitely meet the doctor’s advice. 8000-10000 steps a days, no worries. Start playing the game to find the tots.

Bringing them together: Are you wondering how this has brought families & communities together? The experince of game has resulted in sharing the tricks. Even it is played together to find & catch the Pokémon.
Is Pokémon Go available in your country? Check it here.

Now, you will definitely install the game in your smartphone if not installed. Hope that the game can add above benefits to you.

Start Catching & Hunting!


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