What to Opt for? Google Home or Amazon Echo

November 8, 2016
By Technource

Last week, Google has released Google Home i.e smart voice-controlled device, to have a competition with the famous Amazon Echo. Google home and Amazon Echo, both are Wifi speakers that traits a personal digital assistant. Both appliances listen, lets you know & perform the same work that you used to do on your smartphone with your voice – regardless of turning ON/OFF the lights, check weather status, order a cab, play music and control gadgets at your home.

Google Home

The smart hub of Google is a closely packed device having two microphones with four speakers. It is stimulated by Google Assistant, that offers all the voice command powers that use in your phone since ages. Moreover, it has many new features like it controls your smart home objects and also your Chromecasts.

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s voice controlled hub i.e Echo, is stimulated by the company’s voice assistant Alexa. The device is compact with the string of seven microphones and two speakers in a downward-firing configuration for audio projection that lets you hear commands from anywhere in the room even while playing music. In case, if the gadget can’t answer a question on its own, it depends on the results of Bing search.

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Comparing Google Home and Amazon Echo, the audio quality, aesthetics of Google Home is good as compared to Amazon Echo. Even you can spotify multi-room audio with Google Home and the major advantage of Google Home is translations, that Amazon Echo doesn’t do. The other advantages comparatively are that it does a better job with crowd noise and controls Chromecast.

When comes to Amazon Echo’s superior smarts, it supports Bluetooth, aux-in and aux-out. While, Google Home supports only the voice-request-over-Wi-Fi thing. Amazon Echo supports multi-user homes where as Google Home links only your home account. The more smarts of Amazon Echo as compared to Google Home are a lot more third-party support, you can order things on Amazon Prime and deep controls for Amazon Music Unlimited.

When comes to cost, Google Home costs $129, while the original Amazon Echo is more expensive, at $179.99.

The main question is which to adopt? Google Home or Amazon Echo

The Google Home and Amazon Echo both are alike in performance in distinct form factors. If you need to use your virtual aide specifically for music, then Amazon’s echo is better as it lets to plug the speaker via its 3.5mm audio jack or connect it via blue-tooth. On the contrary, if you need to use your virtual aide as an electronic fount of knowledge, Google blows away Amazon. Google Home offers some attractive features, especially the conversational Google Assistant, Nest and IFTTT integration out of the gate.

Google can crawl famous sites and quickly serve up info that is precise and concise as Google is interested in abiding the information around the world. With better integration and the company’s phones on the way, you may one day find yourself wanting to call or text using Google Assistant. If so, Google Home is always the right listening base station to follow.



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