Which Internet Marketing Channel Will Increase ROI of your Business?

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  • As an Internet marketer, we have lots of options to reach new customers but it is too much difficult for us to find out the best way that helps clients as well as their businesses when you are working with fix budget. It is important to focus on channels that suit your marketing campaign to increase ROI at less effort.

    We know that every Internet marketing channel have their own merits but a smart marketer focus on the one which is easy to operate and improve business. In this post, we are here describing some of the best Internet marketing strategies that never go down.

    Pay Per Click (PPC):

    Pay Per Click (PPC) can become the most favourite strategy to reach new visitors, if you like to focus on concrete data. Free tools like Google Adwords & Bing adwords, you can do research for keywords that are potential for your campaign, select the appropriate ones and decide how much you are willing to pay for a click.

    Let’s understand it with a single example, you have decided to sell a product that costs $200 and you run a campaign with CPC of $2. Now, 50 visitors have clicked on your advertisement and among them only 4 visitors make purchase.

    50 visitors X $2.00 = $100 Spend

    4 visitors X $200.00 = $800 Return

    It means your ROI would be 800%. This is how PPC campaign can help and you have to pay only if someone clicks on it, otherwise no need to pay.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    One of the most affordable and effective marketing strategy provides the wealth of analytical information. Nowadays, this strategy is in demand and through this lots of websites get good results in ranking, traffic and sales.

    Look at the example, your website generates 30 sales per month from organic visits & you have been paying $1000 per month to SEO consultant.

    1 month X $1000 = $1000 investment

    30 sales X $200 = $6000 Return

    It means that your ROI would be 6 time higher than investment. If your website is based on B2B and there is no direct sales scenario, it is measured by no of leads that converted and inquires. For the SEO services, you can Hire SEO Expert at affordable rate.

    Email Marketing:

    Same like SEO and PPC, you can choose email marketing channel. You just need to select “Email” as your channel and can compare it with your monthly spend on email marketing. It helps to reach new customers at very less effort. You just need to find out the list of email address and create a template for your business email. There are various tools that help you to send emails in bulk for free.

    Improve your Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)???

    These above 3 ways are the best for Internet marketing if you really want to reach new customers. Here at Technource you can start your website Internet marketing with our highly dedicated Team.

    Comment below your experience about Internet marketing that you are passed through or any difficulties that you have faced & solutions that fix your problem.


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