Why I am not Getting Much Revenue From eCommerce Store?

December 29, 2015
By Technource


Every merchant thinks to create online store, list hundreds of products to sell online & earn money from it, but it’s very far away from reality. Yes, we know that we can get much revenue from online stores rather than blogs and few pages website. But till date, I heard many complaints from the store owner that why my store isn’t generating revenue?

Hey, ecommerce store owners, see these below points that you should have to consider otherwise your store may be vanished.

Product Description:

Have you ever checked that a product which you are going to sell is properly listed on your store? No. Think, will anyone take interest to buy a product which hasn’t proper specification?

Writing an informative & unique product information will be better for eCommerce SEO  as well as customers. Never copy from other online stores but write short and descriptive content, too much content might not be beneficial.

Copy/Paste Description from Manufactures:

If you copy product description from manufacturers and paste on your store then it will be Red signal & there are chances of your website being penalized. It’s simple that if a manufacturer send same product description to all the online retail stores, then definitely it’s a copy content. Google loves to down the website if it has duplicate content. So, question is that what to do now?

The simple rule is that “Create Unique & informative content that sells”. Now you might be thinking that for 50-100 products, one can write good product content but what about thousands of products; definitely it’s a daunting task. Don’t worry just put “NO INDEX” meta tag on such products that you haven’t written informative content. If you haven’t good sound on such technical fields then go for ecommerce SEO Services providers, they can do it easily.

Not Unique Titles:

The simple rule of SEO: Write unique title for each page. But while we are talking about big online store, people neglect it, I don’t know, why?. Due to this carelessness there is huge drop in ranking & no one wants it.

It’s too much difficult to create unique titles when the products are from same brand or similar items from different brands. In such situation, create a format for product titles like “Brand name – Model type – Product Name – color/size”. Look at the real example: ASOS women skinny Jeans small in Black.

Not Social Sharing Signal on Product Page:

People love to share on social media and at the end of 2014, Google has started to consider social media as a ranking signal. As a store owner, I will use this feature and encourage people to share products to their followers/friends. Just take an example: a twitter user having 1000+ followers shares product on his timeline, it will be reached to their 1000+ followers without much effort.

Over to You:

Start visiting your store as a customer not a store owner; observe these above points and solve it as soon as possible. If you are not good in such concepts, then it is better to hire eCommerce SEO Expert. Check after few weeks, your store reputation will be increased.


Yes basic seo requirement 05 July,2016

Yes basic seo requirement is must need before launch your ecommerce store in online market like website loading speed, unique tite and meta description for each product and categories page, unique image, image name and alt tag, product heading, product name should be h1 or h2 heading, social media sharing option in product Image and more. you must need to hire expert digital marketing team for get more business from your ecommerce portal.