Why Should You Revamp Your Current Real Estate Website With Laravel Web Application Development

April 4, 2018
By Technource

PHP has acquired a name for being one of the best scripting languages on the server-side. Since the first online snippets of copies appeared in static HTML files, PHP has developed tremendously. As the fight for the highest PHP position continues, Laravel is higher than its peers like RubyOnRails and Symphony. This post brings you all about Laravel Web Application Development and why it is the best thing to help your business overcome its competitors.

Why Choose Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework for PHP web developers that are under the open source license. It is primarily designed to support the development of web applications based on the Model View Controller (MVC) model. Today Laravel ranked number 1 among PHP framework, followed by Symfony2 and Code-igniter in that order. The great interest of developers and business is due to its ability to separate logic, data, and presentations.

laravel expertsAlthough designed in 2011, it is still considered one of the latest and highly effective frameworks in creating complex applications for a highly competitive business environment. The ability of the framework to manage everything from managing the database to the generation of HTML and BigData meant that some developers called it the full stack model.

More people are still talking about Laravel application development because of its unique features and the way it has helped them become great developers. It should be noted that the framework was created in 2011 with great efforts in solving the problems that were characterized by its main competitors. The most significant of these features include:

The Artisan:

This feature allows developers to perform multiple tasks via the command line. The artisan provides access to several options each time a key developer perform “php artisan” in the window terminal. Although the box provides only a few commands, the programmer can begin to create custom command line tools to meet his/her personal needs.


The composer is one of Laravel’s most preferred features. It is used as an addict manager and helps developers to make it easier to open new projects, especially for beginners. The community is particularly delighted by the composer because there is no need to download a zip file or save a URL.

Database Migration and Seed:

One thing that was a major challenge for PHP application developers is database synchronization. However, Laravel addresses this problem by facilitating all migration, as long as it remains in the seed.

These are just some of the reasons people talked about Laravel. Other reasons why Laravel becomes unique and require programmers to continue to talk about it include its eloquence and restful routing.

The main advantages of using Laravel for real estate web application development

real estate laravel web app developmentLaravel Core And Routing Are Highly Simplified:

Laravel’s PHP framework is located on GitHub. It is implemented in an IO model that allows you to customize and overwrite any section (track, query, and even authentication). Many solutions have been carefully updated from other platforms to improve performance. For example, the Symphony console called Artisan was also added to Laravel.

Routing is very remarkable in Laravel. This enables developers to multi-task. You can group routes, submit filters, automatically link templates with different request parameters, and create resources for CRUD pages.

Authentication and Application Logic:

Laravel allows you to organize logic and control access to developers with different resources. It is designed with an embedded verification code that reduces the time it takes to build huge codes. This saves time without compromising the results.

A Very Intuitive Blade Templating Engine:

Laravel web application development has a very intuitive blade templating engine. The engine is also very useful, even when working with HTML.

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