IPhone Apps Portfolio

IPhone Apps Portfolio

Buyiteer Shopping

Buyiteer gives you an exciting offers, coupons, punch cards, discounts of various brands with no upfront cost. In this App Consumers and Retailers both can get the benefits as retailers can generate Limitless coupons or punch cards within 5 minutes and you can rapidly check it online. Buyiteer provides services for each and every business which are categorized in Travel & Accommodation, Health & Fitness, Retail, Food & Coffee, Electronics, Education, Beauty, Business, Entertainment, and many more.

Amateur Sports 

Register yourself as Player, Trainer, Coach, Recruiter, Promoter. Users can add their images and videos displaying their talent. On the basis of public ratings profiles would be showcased in the Top Player List & Training Programs under Top Basketball Training Program List. Users can send messages to other users. Check the top rated video of the Top Players. Check out the Basketball tournaments taking place in the country. Share tournaments via Facebook.

Inspection LiveSafe 

An iOs app specially designed to lessen the work of energy auditor and save their time from preparing a report of energy consumption. Energy auditor will be now hassle free because inspectab will generate report on energy savings and measures.

AtoZ Kids Education

Kids education app where your kids can learn english alphabets in easy way by relating each alphabet with an objects, animals & cartoons. Now learning alphabets for your child is as entertaining as if they are playing and not studying. Teach Alphabets with its image and pronunciation to your child easily through your smartphone. The images in this app help your child memorize alphabets and words easily.