Technource World

Technource World

The world of Technource is comprehensive yet precise! Our development centre consists of up to date infrastructure, immaculate human resource and an adaptive professional environment. We believe in delivering the best products and services with our core strengths that include business acumen, technical expertise and precision of the craft. The Technource team works on strategic planning and makes high end solutions into a secure and scalable hardware and software environment.

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High end facilities at Technource development centre

    Physical Resources:

  • Spread across a highly facilitated building
  • Secure and authorize access only
  • Fire safety
  • Video surveillance
  • 24*7 card key access
  • Biometric entry

    Technological genius

  • Cisco based networks
  • Networks with high speed nodes
  • Dedicated leased lines for high speed Internet
  • High end servers
  • Automated backup service
  • Communication facilities like EPABX, VoIP and Vonage systems
  • Non-stop power supply

    Infrastructure that stands out

  • Superior, secure and scalable network architecture
  • Licensed software
  • Absolute virus protection
  • Daily data backup for all projects
  • Environment monitoring systems

Apart from this, we maintain high levels of external and internal security through

NDA and Bond: Employees have to sign Non Disclosure Agreement that prevents breach of confidentiality. We also sign NDA with clients to assure that their project information is under guards.

CCTV camera: For routine surveillance and protection of client data, project information and to guard infrastructure of the development centre.

Prohibition of usage of hardware devices: Pen Drive, Laptops and HDD are allowed only if its usage is authorized.

For flawless project development we offer following facilities to our development team

Manager and BDM cabins: For maintaining discretion and hierarchy at work, Technource provides highly equipped cabins to managers and decision makers.

5 Day work culture: To maintain high levels of efficiency we maintain a five day work culture with off on all weekends. This balance of rest and dynamism result in higher productivity and best end results.

Sports and entertainment: Recreational activities are a part of the culture of Technource. We believe all work and no play will make Technource a dull place and so add games, activities and fun to make things enjoyable at our development centre.

Opportunistic place for fresher: Technource encourages young talents and gives them an environment to grow technically, professionally and individually. By giving a supporting environment and good remuneration, we prove to be an ideal company for freshers.

Events:Technource is a happening place with events, celebrations and get-togethers. Be it knowledge sharing, conferences, idea management or cultural activities, we do it all here. It is one plays that balances both work and pleasure.

Certification: To encourage good work and skill development, we reward our people with employee of the month and other awards. This helps to boost their spirit, productivity, competitiveness and also brings out their best.