It can be shocking that 90% of the time spent on mobile is on applications. Apps have become an important part of people’s phones and lives as well. It is because people look for every solution in the apps.

Around 100 billion mobile applications have been downloaded from the Google play store to date. It’s a huge number and makes Google play store a top platform to download apps and games. In the past few years, there is a rampant growth in smartphones since then Android apps on the play store also increased.

The live stream concept came from the idea of YouTube broadcasting live videos and Reality TV. You must have seen celebrities, cricketers, gamers, influencers and many other famous and non-famous personalities go live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tango, and many other best live streaming apps.

In 2021 Tinder was downloaded around 6.5 million times. With the huge number of users, it ranks at the top for in-person meetups and hookups. Tinder generated revenue of 1.6 billion in 2021 and it increases around 17% year on year. Therefore, now businesses and people want apps like tinder.

If we consider Google Analytics, people take around 93 million selfies on daily basis. 71% of people edit their selfies before they post them on social media. In addition, 78% of people consider editing their pictures on Instagram.

Apps have become a crucial part of our daily life. Today people look at apps for every solution. Google play store has more than 3.48 million apps of different types. If you are also thinking to create an app from scratch for your business idea, this blog will be helpful for you.

Revenue generated by applications is going to reach US$431 in 2022. Increase in the smartphone users has driven the demand for different applications. Today, various businesses want to have apps for themselves. React is a popular technology for app building.

Organizations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East reported that they use on average 3.56 different communication methods within their organizations, and the HR portal is one of them. More than 50% of large-size organizations are planning to increase spending on enterprise hr portals for the smooth running of their businesses.

There are many Software development models. These SDLC models include steps like planning, designing, developing, and deploying software. The quality of the project, development time, requirement analysis, and budget largely depends on the software development life cycle.

Fastboot mode offers many benefits to customizing the Android device. But when your phone stuck in this mode, how to exit Fastboot mode safely without losing the data? This blog presents you with the best ways to exit Fastboot mode.

Google play store has around 3.48 million apps, and more than 3700 apps are uploaded to the play store every day. Shocking! isn’t it? If you also want to upload an app to Google play store, you must be ready with the crucial information to add your app to the store listing.

A gay relationship has come into the mainstream in the past few years. But finding a partner has not been easy for homosexual people due to social stigma and prejudice. They feel unsafe and humiliated in many places.



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