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Technource takes pride in our team of expert PHP developers who have acquired vast knowledge and expertise in mastering the server-side scripting language. We leverage the robust features and dynamic functionality of the PHP framework to build highly customized web solutions that meet the demands of your complex business operations, boost ROI and deliver superior customer experience.

PHP development has been one of the core strengths of Technource. Our team of PHP development experts has been working extensively on client projects of various sizes from enterprise solutions to Network and Backend systems including CMS using a wide range of PHP frameworks. In case you are looking to hire a PHP developer with extensive experience in executing any of the following, get in touch with us right away.

Expertise of Technource's PHP Developers

Our PHP Developers Have Following Expertise


CMS Based Website Development


MVC Framework-based Web Development


Database Design & Implementation

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Responsive HTML to PHP Development

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Payment Gateway Integration

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Custom Solution Development


Mobile App API Development


Backend development with Graphs


CRM & ERP Development


3rd Party API Intigration

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Customization in Current System

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Top Reasons to Hire Dedicated PHP Developer From Technource

For PHP Development Solutions


We First Understand, then Code

It is very common for developers to initiate coding without actually understanding the task, thus leading to unnecessary iterations and delays. We at Technource take this rather seriously. When you hire PHP developers from us, you will meet trained, highly skilled and experienced PHP developers who first understand the deliverables, the outcome expected, and then ask relevant questions before they start to code. Our experts also perform manual testing to ensure that codes are perfect.


Mastering the Art of Fast Learning

Technource encourages the culture of growth by knowledge. This is one of the reasons our development team could produce top-no
tch full-stack developers. So, even if you hired a Laravel developer for a project and wish to hire the same for another project, but in CMS like WordPress or Magento or any other PHP framework, most of our developers have the expertise to execute the same.

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Timely Completion of Tasks

A PHP development project like any other requires productivity check and adherence to deadlines. At Technource, we manage our tasks using a project management tool for seamless execution and timely delivery. Our developers work in tandem based on their allocated time with efficient hour investment.


Good Team Player

We understand the value of being a good team player. Our team of PHP developers for hire at Technource hold good team communication at the highest priority, because a team that communicates well, stays together to achieve BIG.


Vast Industry Experience

Technource enjoys the opportunity to work in different projects from various industries and we always ensure that there is knowledge sharing between our teams so that every developer has the exposure to know and understand the functioning of various industries.


Open Door Culture

We at Technource encourage an open-door culture, where the PHP developer you have hired will always share with a client like you anything, he or she thinks might add value for your product/ business (for example a feature, or an integration, etc.) and suggest during the development process.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

Take a moment to understand the Technource dedicated Resource Hiring Model and complete the process in 5 simple steps. It can’t get simpler than this.

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Available Models for Hiring PHP Experts

Understanding the Resource Hiring Model


Hourly Based

  • Cost is quoted on hourly basis

  • Max, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Hiring period: Minimum 1 month

  • Ideal for short-term project


Weekly Based

  • Cost is quoted on weekly basis

  • Max, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Ideal for short/ mid-term project


Monthly Based

  • Cost is quoted on monthly basis

  • Max, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Dedicated Accounts Manager

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Ideal for long-term project

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