WordPress covers nearly 37% of websites in the world and around 60% of content management systems. Used by the top 10 million websites, this CMS with plugin architecture and template system gives an edge to content management. When you want a website, blog site, or social media sites that need frequent updates and excellent design, WordPress is the first choice for you. So, hire WordPress developers who are experts to customize CMS and create innovative, appealing, and content-loaded websites without spending on the infrastructure.

When you hire WordPress programmer team, you will not have to worry about managing them because they are under one roof. It leads to easy coordination and communication that ultimately helps to offer value on time. Moreover, a dedicated WordPress developer has expertise in building engaging and data-intensive apps on time. Developers at Technource work with several technologies, which helps to meet the demand of different clients for various sectors.

Technource is a top-notch web development company. There are several other reasons to hire WordPress developers from us. You can approach us with your business idea. It doesn’t matter how complex it is, our team of efficient developers deals with it effectively. Till now, we have worked with many people beyond the borders. Numerous enterprises from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Malaysia hire Indian WordPress developers.



WordPress is a free website-building platform. This platform is also called CMS (Content Management System). It was developed for blogging website creation but, later turned out to be the easiest and fastest way to develop various types of websites. You can hire WordPress experts from Technource.

Have a look at some benefits of using WordPress for your business below.

  • WordPress is a secure and stable platform for website building.
  • Simple and easy to use even for beginners
  • Regular updates in the CMS
  • No need for prior knowledge of designing a website
  • SeedProd for building beautiful landing pages
  • Exciting and valuable features are updated
  • 22,000+ plugins give a fresh look to a website
  • Easy integration of SEO into the website
  • Allows communities and membership-based web
  • Easy content management to simplify things
  • Widget for social media, plugins, & APIs
  • Allows responsive website development
  • An open-source platform for easy regular improvements
  • Flexible to use different types of websites


Trust the Best WordPress Development Company for Satisfying Web Building Services

We understand your business objectives and offer you various WordPress development services. You can approach us at any time like thousands of our clients worldwide. Here are the WordPress development services.

Custom Theme Development

Custom Website Development

Every enterprise has a different business idea and demand. We understand the requirements and offer a customized WordPress website accordingly. You can discuss your idea and requirements to hire a WordPress developer. Our experts will deal with all the challenges to develop the website of your dreams.

Child Theme Development-1

Theme Development

If you hire WordPress designer from Technource, you can have customized and beautiful WordPress themes. Our creative heads make sure the designs don’t blot. This way, you can have a website of your choice and enhance your business. Hire a WordPress developer for impressive WordPress sites.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

A unique website attracts more visitors. For this, your website must have customized plugins as per the need of the business. When you hire a WordPress developer from us, you get a software solution as per your need. Because a WordPress developer builds custom plugins that help to meet business objectives.

API Integration & Customization-3

API Integration & Customization

Our developers can integrate external APIs in two ways. First themes and second Plugins. when you hire a WordPress developer, he creates a child theme for the page and develops plugins accordingly. You can have only one Theme on the website but various plugins. They connect the website with other ones and applications for API.

WooCommerce Development-1

WooCommerce Development

If you want an eCommerce website, it’s beneficial to use WooCommerce. It helps you build a functional eCommerce website. You can offer a flawless UX and UI design experience to the people who visit your WordPress theme. So, hiring a WordPress developer expert from Technource for a beautiful and data-driven website.


WordPress Migration Development

When you hire dedicated WordPress developers, they can migrate your website with the help of backup and migration plugins. Hiring a WordPress developer migrates the website to a new system without affecting the functions and code. Moreover, there is no risk of a data leak, loss, or downtime.

Bug Fixes Services

Bug Fixes Services

You can hire WordPress website developer to fix bugs in the website. Our developers have several years of experience in bug fixing, therefore they can remove the errors from the website properly. They find and fix bugs and provide you with a clean and high-performant website at a reasonable price.

SEO-Friendly website development

SEO-Friendly website development

Without a good ranking on Google, it’s hard for people to find whether your website exists or not. More leads are possible when more people visit the web. So, our WordPress programmers develop SEO-Friendly web and offer a high-performant website. You can hire a wordpress developer at any time.

Maintenance & Support-4

Support & Maintenance

If your website has any issues after launch, our developers fix the issues like bugs, errors, downtime, low speed, and any performance issues. There are no charges for maintenance and we offer this service for 4-8 weeks. You can hire a WordPress developer in the USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

World-Class Specialist to Discuss Your Business Idea

You can hire WordPress developers from Technource for value on time and protection of your business idea. Share your idea with us and get a dream website.


Our developers know every nook and cranny of this CMS. With years of experience and passion for technology, our WordPress web developers prove beneficial for you. So, hiring a WordPress developer from Technource would be beneficial.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Building a website of your choice is difficult until developers understand your business requirements. So, we follow effective communication. In which you can freely explain what you want on the website and ask questions to your developers. Two-way communication helps us to know your requirements properly. Hiring a WordPress developer from Technource would not bother you anyway.

Quality on Time

Quality on Time

Many businesses hire dedicated WordPress developers from Technource because they want the solution within time. We follow the Agile method so that delivering a flawless website on time will not be compromised. The project manager divides your project into some parts and assigns them to developers as per their expertise. Moreover, the QA tests the development regularly.

Use of Trendy Technologies

Use of Trendy Technologies

What people like to see and what type of websites they are visiting, everything is important for a developer to know. It helps him to use trendy technologies to build an updated website that looks as per today’s needs. Developers at Technource work with AI, AR, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, IoT, etc.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Most businesses look for a Non-disclosure agreement when they hire a dedicated WordPress developer. It helps to protect the business idea from getting leaked and the client can feel free. Technource signs a non-disclosure agreement with you and develops a robust and engaging website.

Post-Launch Support

Post-Launch Support

Post-launch support is a vital part of website development. It gives a sense of complete service by a development company and should not be avoided. We understand the need for post-launch support thus, we offer 4-8 weeks of website maintenance support to our clients.

No-Hidden Charges

No-Hidden Charges

We have thousands of happy customers and receive projects from various businesses. It shows we maintain transparency. We have no hidden charges, all the things related to WordPress development costs are cleared initially. It helps us to build trust among our clients.


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How Technource Finds the WordPress Developers?

We understand how important your website is to you. So, we hire a professional WordPress developer for your project. Hiring WordPress developers is not an easy task. We have to consider a quality WordPress developer for the WordPress project. This way, our clients don’t have to struggle while hiring WordPress developers. Check out the ways we follow to hire a quality WordPress developer for your WordPress site.

Professional Review

Professional Review

Our experienced developer or expert checks the online applications for a suitable WordPress developer for WordPress jobs. In this process, our top-quality WordPress developer checks three things in the candidate; impeccable English language skills, experience with some WordPress projects, and qualifications. Our expert WordPress developers make sure the team for your project is perfect or not.

Technical Interview

Technical Interview

A technical interview is crucial to know the technical skills of the candidate. We check for problem-solving ability, code quality, and WordPress-related problems. This is an important step so our experts keep the project requirements in mind while setting questions. It helps to hire multiple developers who can be future WordPress specialists. To get WordPress jobs, this stage is inevitable.

Live Coding Test

Personal Interview & Live Coding Test

This is the third step in hiring WordPress developers. In a personal interview, our experts check the behavior and attitude of the candidate in various situations. for WordPress jobs, we check personality, communication, technical ability, and many things. Moreover, we give live coding tests to the candidate. It helps to check whether he/she is the right fit or not for the WordPress site development process.

Trial Period

Trial Period

We assign a real-life project to a candidate with an average WordPress developer salary. In the trial period, we check whether the candidate can handle the project requirements or not. The candidate can demonstrate his competence, thoroughness, integrity, attitude towards work, and professionalism. We have a fixed trial period in which we select or reject the candidate for the WordPress job.

Technical Expertise of Our WordPress Developers

Different enterprises approach us with different business needs. So, Technource has to be ready with professionals who can do plugin development, theme development, set up WordPress API, and WordPress design. Besides WordPress custom theme development, many businesses want their websites in other technologies. So, for complete web application development, we use some technologies and tools.


You can hire skilled WordPress developers from Technource with just 5 simple steps. Let’s read them in the space below.
  • Let-us-know-your-requirement

    Let us know your requirement

  • Evalute-developer-resume

    Evaluate developer resume

  • Finalize-the-Project-Terms-3

    Finalize the terms of work & sign NDA

  • Assign-tasks-kickstart-project

    Assign tasks & kickstart project

Want To Know How We Can Help Build One?

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Understand the Resource Hiring Model


Hourly Based

  • Cost is quoted on hourly basis

  • Max, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Hiring period: Minimum 1 month

  • Ideal for short-term project


Weekly Based

  • Cost is quoted on weekly basis

  • Max, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Ideal for short/ mid-term project


Monthly Based

  • Cost is quoted on monthly basis

  • Max, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Dedicated Accounts Manager

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Ideal for long-term project


Read the WordPress faq below and if you have any other questions, ask us at any time.

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