Privacy Policy of Technource in accordance with I.T. ACT, 2000

Technource gives paramount importance to digital privacy and takes extreme measures to safeguard the information provided by its visitors, members, and clients. As a web-oriented working entity, we at Technource promote cyber-security with appreciable dedication.

We would like to advise the visitors of the website to make themselves aware of our Privacy Policy before providing any information. The other links visible on the website of Technource are governed by their own Privacy Policy.

You give your consent and are bound by the rules and regulations specified under our Privacy Policy when you provide us with your personal information. We request you not to use this website if you do not agree with any section of our Privacy Policy.

Our privacy policy subsumes the under mentioned Areas:

  • The information collected through the use of website
  • Utilization and exposure of personal data
  • We give our users a choice to opt out
  • Security standards

The Information collected through the use of website

Personal Data: Visitors and users of our website will be asked for some information for availing any services provided by us. This personal data can’t be shared, revealed, or handed to any third parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you do not require any specific services from Technource and are just a visitor to our website, then you are not bound to provide any information.

Utilization and Exposure of personal data.

Data: You will be asked for the required personal and contact details if and only you want any of our services. For merely visiting our site, Technource only uses a limited extent of cookies and IP address details.

E-mail information: In case of e-mail communication with our clients and users, we conserve the e-mail details and content of messages addressed to us.

Online backtracking mechanisms such as cookies: Cookies sanction us to save your browsing habits enabling our team to determine your requirements that ease the process of offering suitable deals to you.

We would like to make it clear that Technource, in any way, is not responsible for the usage of cookies by third-party websites accessible via banner advertising, and click-throughs.

We give our users a choice to opt out

Technource does not enforce you to provide any personal details unless your sign for our services. We give a choice to opt out to all our users at any stage. In case you do not wish to receive our emails, you are free to unsubscribe and opt out of our services.

Security standards in accordance with I.T. ACT, 2000

We have formed our operational security standards rigorous as well as reasonable to protect identifiable information of our users from theft, misuse, alteration, and destruction. Your data repose beyond our security firewall which is accessible only to Technource’s high end personnel.

Our ‘Security Standards’ complies to Information Technology Act, 2000 and to its rules and regulations that fall under sections 43, 43A, 45, and sections 85. Observing stringent I.T. Act rules, we do not take any responsibility for any cyber-crime relating to your data.

Technource shall not be held responsible for any unmanageable security attack which you agree upon when you use our website. You assent that Technource shall not be accountable for any type of financial, opportunistic, legal, business and reputation losses that may occur to you under the Provisions of Section 43, 43A and 45 of Information Technology Act, 2000 and including any amendments in the said Act. You also agree that our management shall not be blamed or held responsible in any circumstances for any cyber-crime criminal liabilities under I.T. ACT 2000.

Technource holds the rights to amend the Privacy Policy regularly. We assure you that every update will be displayed on our website. It will be solely the user’s responsibility to check our policies page from time to time to ensure any changes made in the policies.