AngularJS is a JavaScript framework and is developed by Google in October 2010. It’s an open-source angular framework and developers use it for the front-end development of web applications. Many businesses want to hire Angular app developers to meet their business objectives. Moreover, AngularJS is one of the most used modern-day web frameworks because it offers many benefits to developers and makes their work easy.

The group of developers of Google works on the angular framework to bring regular updates and remove flaws from it. So the idea of a wide community forum supports this framework to keep it beneficial for the developers. This front-end framework simplifies the development and testing process. That helps the developers to complete the project in a short time. The developers can club AngularJS with HTML and CSS to improve the functionality of the software.
It’s quite important these days to have dynamic and responsive apps. And AngularJS offers that opportunity to have such an app. For this, you can hire top AngularJS developers from Technource because we have efficient developers to offer you secure, scalable, and data-intensive software solutions.

If you are living in America, you can hire AngularJS developers in Texas also to give a seamless experience to the users of your app or web. For modern, faster, and highly scalable apps, you can hire Angular 2 developers also from technource.



If you are thinking to hire an AngularJS development company, you must be aware of the reasons to choose it. Technource shapes your dreams with the help of a dedicated angular development team of experts like developers, designers, and QAs.

Here are some crucial reasons to hire our experts.

  • Flexibility in work timing
  • Experienced team of developers
  • Cost-effective development solutions
  • Innovative designers for different projects
  • Satisfied clients in many countries
  • Experience in handling complex projects
  • Non-disclosure agreement with clients
  • A thorough discussion of the business idea
  • Transparency in communication
  • Use of various and latest technologies
  • You can hire full stack Angularjs developers
  • Efficient designers for innovative solutions
  • Regular updates on the project progress
  • Skilled QAs to offer error & bug-free solutions
  • Proper documentation of all the information



We are the top Angular JS development company for several years and our developers know all the benefits of using Angular for development. You should also have a look at some benefits of Angular JS below.

Plugin Integration

Two Way Binding Feature

The immediate synchronization between view and model makes it the favorite front-end development framework among developers. It is because they don’t have to write code separately for view and model. Data changes in the model can be seen in the view simultaneously.

Single Programming Language-1

Single Page Application

Developers use this framework for faster web transition. For this, a single-page application is crucial. When you hire AngularJS developers India, you can have a web that appears like a native, works smoothly on various platforms, offers a good user experience, and is lightweight.

Multi-Platform Development-1

Declarative User Interface

Businesses want to hire dedicated angular JS developer for impressive UI in their projects. The developers can build understandable and easy designs with declarative UI. Moreover, the framework is helpful to develop scalable and innate intuitive webs.

Real-Time Testing

Real-Time Testing

Enterprises look for the best AngularJS mobile app development services for their projects to get error-free solutions. The developers can do end-to-end and unit testing because AngularJS has special testing features like dependency injection. Likewise, it helps to resolve dependencies.

Supported By Google

Supported By Google

AngularJS is supported by Google and it’s a big advantage for AngularJS mobile app development. It gives a sense of credibility among developers and clients as well because the Angular team at Google supports this framework.

Maintenance & Support-1

Large Community Support

The massive community support allows regular updates, issue resolution, and improvement in the framework. If you hire AngularJS development company Technource, you can have an updated & clean web or app because our developers keep eyes on regular updates in the framework.

Requirement Analysis

Simple to Use

AngularJS has a shallow learning curve that makes it easy to learn. Moreover, the developers have to write less code in this framework. That results in quick and effective web and application development. Many people from the USA hire AngularJS developers in India who can meet their requirements.

Size of framework

New Module Creation

The AngularJS developers have to create some modules for the independent modules. It helps the existing modules in the framework and supports application development. Our angular development team has experience in using this feature of Angular, so you can hire Angular app developer from Technource.

Highly Flexible-1

Supports MVC Architecture

Angular JS supports Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. The developers can manage the designs of web apps and handle them effectively due to MVC architecture. This feature makes Angular JS highly demanding among mobile application developers. You can hire AngularJS developer from Technource.

Discuss Your Business Idea with Specialist

Want to hire dedicated Angular developers for your dream project? Feel free to contact us and discuss your idea with us.


Businesses from various countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and India have taken our Angular JS development services. Have a look at the services below.

Custom Angular JS Development

Custom Angular JS Development

When you hire an AngularJS developer from Technource, you can have a customized web and app. We can deliver cutting-edge, scalable, and impressive solutions of your choice with our skilled team of Angular JS developers.

ngular JS Portal Development

Angular JS Portal Development

We build custom portals for businesses of various scales and offer secure yet personalized solutions. When you hire Angular JS developer from Technource, you can organize information according to your needs in the portal.

Angular JS Plugin Development

Angular JS Plugin Development

Our developers can add and extend the functionality of your website or application with the Angular JS plugin development. Hire dedicated AngularJS developer from the top firm in the USA for plugins as per your business needs.

Angular JS Data Analytics Tools Development

Angular JS Data Analytics Tools Development

Technource has a highly skilled AngularJS development team that is self-managed and accountable. They understand the importance of quality services for data analytics and tool development for clients.

AJAX Development

AJAX Development

We offer AJAX web mobile app development services like XML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. So, you can hire AngularJS development company for flawless AJAX development and ensure the success of your app.

Angular JS Web & App Migration

Angular JS Web & App Migration

Our team of experienced developers migrates your Angular JS web or app to Angular as per your need. They move your web from one computing environment to another with ease and at the price that suits your pocket.

Related Technologies

Hiring angular developers from Technource can take your business to new heights. We get down to your business with our existing team. For this, different technologies help us. Take a tour of these technologies below.

Responsibilities of Full Stack Angular Developers

Quality work is evitable for the success of angular apps. To ensure it, our Angular programmers focus on the entire project for an impeccable development process. They also use different programming languages for project development. In the same way, Angularjs development requires intense focus, thus an Angular programmer should have technical skills to handle any difficulties. Focus on the below responsibilities when you hire angular developers.

Collaboration With a Team

Collaboration With a Team

Every front-end developer and full stack angular developer should collaborate with a team. It is an essential factor that reduces flaws in software development. Most web developers and designers work together to achieve the same business goal. They should look at the problem from every possible angle.


Working With External Data Sources

Impeccable connections to the external database are crucial for any app these days. When you hire an Angular programmer from us, we integrate social media, Google apps, and many other external data sources. This is one of the crucial responsibilities of developers working with JS frameworks.


Front-end Development

We use the latest angular version for angularjs development. Angular versions always come with beautiful features. It helps o create impressive and engaging UI UX designs for various projects. Our software development team uses the Angularjs framework for building single-page apps.


RESTful APIs Building

RESTful API is used for network-based applications. In our Angular services, all our developers take responsibility to provide you with impeccable RESTful APIs solutions. Our project managers keep track of the building of high-performing APIs. Their extensive knowledge makes it easy.


Unit Testing

Unit testing is the responsibility of developers and quality analysts. Effective communication, solid experience, and knowledge of project needs make unit testing impeccable. We follow ai powered agile process sometimes for the best and fast results. We do the same for all JavaScript frameworks.


Bug Fixing

When you hire developers from us, you don’t have to worry about bugs and errors as we take the responsibility to fix them. With our flexible engagement models, we consider all the aspects to make your software error-free. Likewise, our team uses Microsoft technologies for effective software solutions.

Crucial Things to Consider for Hiring Top Angularjs Developers

You must have understood that AngularJS technology is completely free and has the potential to offer engaging and high-performing software solutions. So, if you want proficient developers for your project, then how will you find the right fit for it? Here are some crucial things to focus on while hiring front-end and back-end developers.

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Hourly Based

  • Cost is quoted on hourly basis

  • Max, 8 hours / day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Hiring period: Minimum 1 month

  • Ideal for short-term project


Weekly Based

  • Cost is quoted on weekly basis

  • Max, 8 hours / day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Ideal for short/ mid-term project


Monthly Based

  • Cost is quoted on monthly basis

  • Max, 8 hours / day, 5 days a week

  • Dedicated developer to work exclusively

  • Dedicated Accounts Manager

  • Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

  • Ideal for long-term project


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