Google docs, Netflix, Trello, Basecamp, and Microsoft Office are the most famous web apps. Today, several businesses are moving to have these types of apps and want to know the exact web app
YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users in 2022, and around 60% of people in the USA use it on daily basis. The number can increase in the coming year as more people will use the app for
When we first created our Clutch profile, we wanted to establish ourselves as a global leader in the custom software development industry. We wanted our services to go beyond any technological
More than 1.50 billion USD are mobile game users in the world (Statista), and around 55.31 billion USD is the market revenue of video games. Likewise, PUBG is the most successful app in the world of
Numerous start-ups are designing stunning mobile apps to engage their consumer base and generate high-profit from their launch. And this can be supported with some stats. 26% of the world’s
Are you planning to take your business online? Not getting enough customers to survive in the market? Your competitors are turning you down in the business? If ‘Yes’ is an answer to all the
There are 113.5 million iPhone users in the USA, and the number can touch 118 million in 2022. So, you can imagine, if you have an iOS app, how beneficial it would be for you? An impressive app is a
Sophia is a social humanoid robot and the meaning of her name is ‘Wisdom’. It was developed by Hong-Kong based AI development company Hanson Robotics. But why we are talking about this
70% of the small businesses in the USA are owned by individuals. You can start a business in the USA in just six days. Which is faster than other countries (Dynadot). If you also have a business idea
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