Let’s take a brief look over different types of business partner programs offered by Technource.


Technource believes in the policy of mutual growth! It forms alliances and partnerships with people, organizations and enterprises to make a win – win and profitable situation for both parties. Partnering with us will give you added benefits of our business acumen and support. We can form an association which can take each other’s business to newer heights.


Reseller Partnership

Technource offer reselling partnerships that work in two ways:

White label partnership: In this partnership Reseller (partner) works in the front end facing the customer. Reseller put his effort to find prospect and gather requirements while we in Technource analyze requirements and provide cost for the project so that Reseller can work out his price. Once the contract signed Technource develop and deliver as per requirement and Reseller maintain client relationship. Reseller takes care of commercial aspects of projects while Technource ensure quality of service.

Associated Partnership: In this model, Reseller introduces Technource as their part of team and work together in client handling and project. While Reseller takes care of commercial part of the project, Technource do the job of requirement analysis, project development and support.

Resource Partnership

Technource provide an end to end resource partnership facility where a person or company can get it’s development work done with bearing the cost and hazards of setting up a company or development center in India.

Technource strategically located in a zone that has advantages of excellent infrastructure, huge talent pool and economic reserve.

Technource can shape your idea of creating a cost effective IT development center in India by providing following support:

  • Technical manpower
  • Development center infrastructure
  • HR & payroll process
  • Project Management

Joint Venture/Revenue Sharing Partnership

If you have an excellent business idea that needs web or mobile app development but you do not have the ability to develop then Technource can help you to transform your business dream to reality. We can work with you to do the necessary development and share revenue when the business succeeds.

Affiliate or referral Partnership

Earning business through reference has been a highly successful and profitable idea for both the parties. You can help us grow by being our affiliate partners and refer our services through your website, blog or business. This will get us more business and gain a healthy commission to you. When a customer referred by you closes the deal with us, we will share a pre decided percentage with you and this will open a new revenue source for you. Join us as affiliates to help us spread our horizons!


Our promise

For years we are working as long standing partners with our existing representatives in different countries. We make sure that we always back up the commitment made by our partners to customers .


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