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There is hardly any industry in today’s world that is not powered by software technologies. Not only sharing know-how about the businesses, software development is the core platform builder for some industries like E-commerce and retail. Other industries also are now depending on software for operational control, analysis, reporting, communication and even prediction. Technource, with it’s team of all round experts right from Business Analysts to Quality Engineers ensures the right development for industries. Understanding business values and core functions, choosing and building effective software solutions are the specialties of Team Technource. Technource is a reliable partner for developing software for different industries across the globe.

IT Solutions for Various Industries


IT Solutions For Financial & Insurance Industry

Best way to provide all financial & insurance details over the website will be a more convenient way to attract users and build a trust between company & customers.


IT Solutions For Advertising Industry

It’s time to build a portal of the advertising industry. Technology has revolutionized the advertising industry, attracting major advertisers to build a well designed & effective advertising website.


IT Solutions For Computer & Electronics Industry

Get the best ROI in terms of building Computer & Electronics websites. This will help to reach potential customers through your Computer & Electronics portal.


IT Solutions For Management & Consulting Industry

Build professional & result driven website for almost all types of firms like job consultancy, educational consultancy, law firm consultancy or any other firm. Expand your business network.


IT Solutions For Education Industry

Spread your educational information, tutorials or other details to students all over the globe via building an Educational portal. Stay connected with your students easily & solve their doubts online.

Technource Media and Entertainment

IT Solutions For Media & Entertainment Industry

Develop an attractive website for media & entertainment to provide exciting features, news, performances to your valuable audience. Attract potential customers from your media & entertainment portal.


IT Solutions For Hospitality Industry

Provide your users with a chance to select your hotel, restaurant, and resort online, check and opt for facilities, offers and much more. By building own hospitality website to make your customers updated.


IT Solutions For Healthcare Industry

Build hassle-free healthcare website to offer all medical & health-related information to your customers. With a medical website, one can also get insight into your medical services, doctors, staff etc.


IT Solutions For Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers can positively boost up your marketing by building B2B manufacturing website. Provide more information about features or even show a demonstration. Generate business and offer efficient services & products to potential customers.

Retail & ECommerce

IT Solutions for Retail & E-Commerce Industry

Retailers, now easily connect with your customers and offer them amazing range of products with efficient buying features. Expand to your market from local to global. Build your eStore and convert your visitors into regular customers.


IT Solutions for Travel Industry

Build travel portal to lead your travel business through responsive programming techniques. Make perfect travel portal for your travelers. Let your clients take the advantages of online booking or transact and get updated from your portal.

Technource Food and Beverage

IT Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

People are more looking forward to buy food & beverages in more convenient way, sometimes just by using their smartphone to enjoy it in the warmth of their home or finding a proper food shop or a particular food. For all these your food & beverages business need to be reachable through any place, through any device and with real time information.


IT Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Internet has set a larger horizon for real estate buyers, sellers and businesses. Portals, IDX websites, MLS integrations are just to name a few of the requirements that today’s real estate online businesses essentially need. But Technource offers beyond regular services in the arena of Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality in real estate industry.

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