A Memorable Trip of Technource to Zarwani Waterfall & Sardar Sarovar Dam

September 28, 2015
By Technource


26, SEP, 2015, It was a day to had fun with friends cum employees. Technource had organized a one day trip to Zarwani waterfall & Sardar Sarovar Dam. As Technource believes that “All Work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, a trip was arranged with an aim to refresh our employees and bring a little change and fun in the same routine.

We left for Zarvani from Ahmedabad, at 5.30 in early morning. Look at the memories inside the bus.

On the way to Zarvani Waterfall Groupfie

On the way to Zarvani Waterfall with CJ


Approximately around 7 o’clock we took a halt for breakfast. We enjoyed “FAFADA”, Sandwich, Dosa, Samosa, tea and coffee. Here are some of the memories.

Technource at Sardar Sarovar Dam

On the way, we played different games like “Dumb Shell Arts”, “Antakshari”; it was so amusing. During trip, we had stopped our bus on the road, where the scenery was very good for photography. We did lots of photography there. Have a quick look here.

Technource at Sardar Sarovar Dam

Technource team at Oak Leaf Restaurant

Around 10.30 AM, we reached Zarwani waterfall, a wonderful place that brought the feeling as we were in the lap of nature at a delightful place for relaxation and amusement. All the employees were so excited to do fun in water & enjoy the nature created by god. There, we had fun in water for more than 3 hours but no one wanted to leave that place. We did lots of photography and much more.

After that we left for Kevadiya colony – Sardar Sarovar dam, the largest dam of Narmada valley project, a hydraulic project that fulfills the requirement of electricity and water for irrigation in Gujarat where Statue of Unity is under construction and will be completed in very short period of time. It was the best scenery place on the bank of Narmada River. Have a quick look of Sardar Sarovar Dam and awesome scenery in picture.

After watching Sardar Sarovar Dam, we left back for Ahmedabad at 6:30 PM, Again in bus we played with cards & watched movies. All were tired but no one wants to miss chance to do fun. Near about 9 PM we had dinner at Oak Leaf restaurant – Baroda.

Dinner a Oak Leaf Restaurant

We reached home at 11:30 pm. The trip was amusing and enjoyable for employees. Thanks to Dixit Parmar – HR, Harshal Shah – PM (PHP) for the perfect management of this trip and making it memorable. Not a single technourcian will forget this trip in his whole life.





Yeah @chiranjivjoshi:disq 30 September,2015

Yeah @chiranjivjoshi:disqus It was an awesome trip with all the technourcians. Kamal Dhamal Bemisal Dhingamasti and many more!!! See more photos of trip at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Technource/, Like comment and Share!!!