What is Ionic Development Framework?

Ionic is a mobile applications development open-source framework built on top of Angular and HTML5 that let you build cross-platform mobile applications. It’s not something right to develop code for every platform application from scratch; ionic framework allows us to write the code once using HTML5 and with a few Javascript libraries in a short period of time to run applications on multiple platforms.

Here at Technource, we provide ionic app development services, we got experienced developers who are expert in JavaScipt, HTML5, SASS and more technologies that are required to develop mobile apps using the ionic framework.

Once Benjamin Franklin said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

All the developers in our ionic team got years of hands-on experience in ionic framework development projects. The reason why the ionic could be the best choice for you is, the apps are built-in technologies HTML5 and Angular that would run on mobile phones for years from now. We always make our clients satisfied and make sure there is no way our client is disappointed, along with mobile websites, we go to the next level by building hybrid apps.

Why Ionic Development Framework?

Well Known Technologies in Development

As mentioned above, HTML and Angular are used in ionic development; therefore, even the newbies or less experienced developers having basic knowledge of these technologies can simply learn the ionic app development.


Ionic can be integrated with most of the plugins and add ons and modules of Angular and Cordova along with its great plugins. Angular itself contains over 2000 modules that can simply be used to integrate ionic applications with popular web services like Twitter as well as implementing the progress bar functionality and other systems based features like session storage and more.


Ionic is dynamically developing open-source hybrid apps development framework, when ionic 2.0 was released in January 2017 after the Angular 2.0 release which made significant enhancement in ionic 2.0 as compared to ionic 1.0. Angular 2.0 brought substantial improvement in efficiency, cleaner code and smoother work, and it also has a plethora of modules to be integrated into mobile apps.


Benefits Of Ionic Development Framework

Open Source & Community Back

Ionic is an opensource platform, and these platforms are always best to try out first before we make the final decision of building applications, we providing ionic development services at our company have tested this framework that works best for hybrid apps development. Moreover, there is a vast community to back this framework that always there to help out.

Cordova plugins

Cordova is phenomenal here that provides 70 plugins that are fully functional and can be used in angular as well as ionic based applications. With the help of simple configuration and integration, rich functionalities can be added to mobile apps in ionic. Moreover, there is room to customise plugins according to your needs.


As we know that right now Angular is the most popular framework available to build web as well as mobile applications. The ionic is based on Angular which let us build standardised apps for clients, as Javascript framework, Angular increases the compatibility and flexibility for the ionic framework, with the help on HTML 5 and Angular. Fully functional and smooth hybrid mobile applications with two binding capability of angular that is easy to implement within the ionic framework.

Easy Customizations And Themes

When the ionic framework is set up, the look and feel of its UI is an inspiration for the developer that encourage to work in it. By default, the ionic comes with many javascript as well as CSS components to make awesome looking and fast mobile applications. Although the default theme looks, simple customisation can be made into it with pre-defined CSS classes.

Moreover, the ionic also comes with a lot of beautiful free themes that are customizable according to the client’s needs. This customisation helps us building application exactly how the clients want their applications to be.

Why Choose Us for Ionic Development Services

Technource is renowned for the Ionic application developed by the team across the globe. A team of experienced developers, system architects and business analysts made every application created by us stand out.

  • 3+ year experienced developers in Ionic development

  • Dedicated experienced professional for projects

  • Expert in development of Ionic application with custom and complex functionalities

  • Scalable approach for integration with other application/API

  • Multi location development centers to fast service delivery

  • 25+ Ionic development jobs delivered

  • Completed 500 + development projects

  • Satisfied clients from 15+ countries

  • Business Analyst team to proper requirement analysis

  • Dedicated support team

  • Multilevel QA & Testing

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