AngularJS is a front-end development framework to design dynamic web apps. It allows the angular developers to use custom attributes with simple Javascript frameworks and HTML syntax code. The complexity of code building gets reduced with this framework because a single code is required. AngularJS was introduced by Google on October 20, 2010. Since then, it proved effective for app and web development projects. Demand for AngularJS development services has been increasing day by day.

There is no lack of enterprises that hire Angularjs development companies to work on their projects. This Javascript framework is also called “Superheroic JavaScript MVW(Model View Whatever) Framework”. Likewise, our angularjs experts use unit testing to make your angular project error-free and embed the custom widget. If you have a business idea and want an impressive online presence, know why AngularJS development company can be the best choice. By doing so, you will have clarity on whether using Angularjs for your web and mobile app is right or not.

Technource has skilled developers and has been providing excellent software development services using an excellent implementation process. Moreover, we offer several businesses on-time delivery of hybrid mobile app development solutions. We, being a top angular development company, discuss your idea and understand the business objectives. Our efficient team offers next-gen IT solutions and analyzes the user requests for engaging design to develop apps. It gives quick visibility to your business and ensures its growth.



AngularJS is widely used by several developers worldwide as it offers many benefits. It is one of the preferred frameworks and it simplifies the development & testing processes while building an app or website. Our top AngularJS development company in the US has a dedicated team of efficient AngularJS developers to help you. Many businesses use AngularJS mobile app development services. So, we introduce you to some vital benefits of using the AngularJS framework below.

  • Supported by Google
  • Single Page Application spa
  • Two-Way Binding Feature
  • Enterprise-level Environment
  • Simplified Model View Controller
  • Simple Architecture and Minimal Coding
  • Dynamic Web User Interface
  • Optimal Web Application Management
  • Fast Front-End Angular Development
  • Real-Time and Unit Testing
  • Declarative Templates
  • Code Reusability
  • MVVM and MVC Architecture
  • Large Community Support
  • Speedy Application Prototyping


Trusted AngularJS Development Company for App & Web Building

No matter how complex is the web development project, our skilled back-end, and front-end developers can offer you impeccable AngularJS development services. Have a look at the reasons why choosing Technource for mobile app development would be the best choice.

Optimum AngularJS Consulting Services

Optimum AngularJS Consulting Services

We offer Angularjs development services for consulting business ideas with our angularjs experts. And get satisfying solutions to your queries about AngularJS. Our experts have good communication skills thus they can understand clients’ requirements and suggestions to offer an impeccable solution. So, you can get a free consultation before hiring well-experienced angular developers for advanced functionalities.


Interactive Application Development

It is difficult to increase the visibility of your app because there are already millions of apps in the app store of Android and iOS. Our mobile app development team uses deep linking to make your software easily searchable on search engines. In addition, we develop an interactive dashboard for your app users for their required control. For this, we check the latest trends.


Bootstrap Framework for UI/UX

Our AngularJS development agency has developers who use the Bootstrap framework for UI/UX designs. This open-source toolkit makes the design of the app impressive, engaging, and attractive. Bootstrap simplifies the work of the designers for fast and custom angularjs development. Consequently, many mobile app development companies use this framework for advanced functionalities.

AngularJS Plugins Development

AngularJS Plugins Development

The angular plugin helps to develop additional functionality in your app. Our professional developers use this interactive development environment for engaging apps. If you want some add-on functions to enrich your app, angular developers at Technource can build plugins for it. Share your requirements with our professionals at any time. Because they offer angularjs custom solutions as per the need of the business and type of Angular web application development.

AngularJS Support and Updation

AngularJS Support and Updation

Technource offers support services and maintenance services for the software solutions. We fix all the errors, bugs, and problems in the app. For this, we check the individual parts of the application through unit testing. In addition, you can hire angular developers from Technource because they have in-depth knowledge for revamping the existing web app and improving its performance.

Custom AngularJS Development

Custom AngularJS Development

Your business idea can be different from others and you may need some different Angularjs features in the app. Technource offers customized AngularJS development services so that you can get an app of your choice. For this, our experienced team analyses your requirements and integrates advanced features into the software. We enable accurate form validation which is crucial for a web app.

Responsive AngularJS App Development

Responsive AngularJS App Development

If you hire AngularJS developers from us, you can get a software solution that runs smoothly on cross-platforms. Responsiveness of any web and app is crucial and our app development firm knows it effectively. So, the expert team provides responsive designs for all types and sizes of web applications. Likewise, we also offer high-performance Angularjs migration services.

Shopping Cart Development

Shopping Cart Development

E-commerce native desktop apps facilitate online purchases for customers and sellers. You can have innovative shopping cart apps like Samcart, Storebie, and Shopaccino by partnering with the best team of Technource. The tech-savvy developers focus on attention to detail to provide shopping cart development services. Moreover, you can get the best video-streaming apps from us.

Real-Time & Interactive Maps

Real-Time & Interactive Maps

Efficient developers of Technource follow the real-time application development and build interactive map apps for their clients. MapQuest, Waze, and Google Maps are examples of this type of app. Our developers have technical expertise in building interactive maps for different types of eCommerce businesses. Moreover, they follow readable coding standards. This type of feature leaves a positive impact and improves the user experience.

Discuss Your Project Idea with Our World-Class Specialists

When you hire the top developers from Technource, you ensure the success of the business. So, discuss your idea & become our happy customer.


Looking for a dedicated professional for your project? Hire Angularjs developer and save your time by choosing us for the best result.

Industrious & Efficient Developers

Industrious & Efficient Developers

The complexity of the project stretches the time of completing it. Likewise, the inability to deal with the problems while developing an app or website offers you a non-impressive product. But, Technource, an Angular development services provider has an Angularjs web app development team of industrious and efficient Angularjs developers. Its team can deal with any issue regardless of its type while developing an app or web.

Completed 1000+ Projects

Completed 1000+ Projects

We are known for delivering the best application development services. Our AngularJS development company has worked on several projects and delivered user-friendly features. The firm can deal with any project easily. So, it can develop applications using Angular for complex projects with the help of the top Angularjs developers.

Affordable Services

Affordable Services

Angular is one platform that saves money to invest in other tasks and make your business competitive. And AngularJS development cost is also light on your pocket. We provide AngularJS web app development services at pocket-friendly prices so that you don’t feel burdened. You can get cloud solutions from experts. Likewise, we offer post-development services.

50+ Efficient Developers

50+ Efficient Developers

Our AngularJS web development firm has more than 50 developers. So you will not have to worry about the completion of your project because we provide on-time delivery. These developers use next-generation technologies to offer you an updated product. This type of app development can easily meet your business goals and contribute to your success.

Custom App & Web Development

Custom App & Web Development

Every business has its flow, model, requirements, and vision. As a result, web applications are developed according to the development needs of the client. So, we provide a custom AngularJS web development service. And our developers make sure they implement all the features you want regardless of the complexity level of the project. Our recent blogs also cover Angular information.

Simple Coding

Simple Coding

Our developers use the latest angular framework to keep the handwritten code simple and concise. It also makes project management easy. In a few lines of code, the developers include much sense to the Angularjs mobile app development. This way, the developers can manage the entire process. Thereby, the changes and improvements are also easy to implement during the application building for mobile devices.


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How to Hire Our Angular Development Company?

Many businesses hire AngularJS development company Technource because we provide a simple hiring process and flexible hiring models. You only have to follow the below-mentioned steps and in a short time, you can hire AngularJS developers for single-page applications.


  • Request-a-Quote-for-Free-Consultation-2

    Request a Quote for Free Consultation

    Give your details like Name, email ID, Phone number, and Skype/Whatsapp/Hangout. And provide a short description of your requirements for a free consultation.

  • Discuss-Your-Project-with-Experts-2

    Discuss Your Project with Experts

    Our web application development services providers contact you and discuss your business idea. You can ask any questions related to app or web development during the discussion.

  • Finalize-the-Project-Terms-4

    Finalize the Project Terms

    In this step, the project is finalized. It includes a discussion on the cost, objectives, and time required to complete the app development process.

  • Deployment


    It is a process to make the mobile applications publicly accessible to the users. It takes configuring and enabling the application. Moreover, you can call it a complete and finished product for the users.

Related Technologies

Here are some related technologies for app development like Angularjs. We work with these latest technologies to make your software solution feature-rich and innovative.


We follow Agile Development Methodology for fast and effective software solutions

Our team follows the Agile method for Angularjs app and web development. It can quickly adapt to requirements that help to achieve business goals on time. The method provides value on time. Likewise, with real-time app development we can offer cutting-edge solutions.



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