PHP is a server-side scripting language, and many famous companies like Metaverse, Wikipedia, Tumblr, WordPress, and others use it for their website development. For dynamic and interactive websites, several developers choose this general-purpose programming language. Being the first language that can be embedded into the HTML, makes it easy to include functions in the web pages. And there is no need to call the external file for data.

8.1.1 is the latest version of PHP and was released on 17 December 2021. But, 7.4 is more used by the top PHP developers. For your app or website PHP can be the right choice because it is versatile, free, easy to learn, has effective community support, and most importantly tried and tested programming language. Likewise, developers are also free to choose any type of database for PHP.

A highly intuitive and interactive website is the need of the hour, and with the help of PHP, you can get this type of website. So, hire dedicated PHP developers to strengthen the online presence of your business. Discuss your business idea with us at any time and get a free consultation to put the best foot forward to bring your business online.



PHP is a well-evolved technology for producing dynamic web pages. We guarantee to provide rich & dynamic PHP websites or web applications. Our PHP web development team is capable of converting requirements from clients of different industry verticals to reality & offers the best PHP development services. Some services are as follows.

  • PSD To PHP
  • Custom Dashboard & Advanced Plug-Ins
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • PHP development and customization
  • Payment Setup
  • PHP Web Application Development
  • Migration and Porting
  • Bespoke CRM & CMS development
  • Flash Integration
  • Website Search Engine Optimization


Top PHP Web Developers Who Live Up to Your Expectations.

PHP is free and friendly & our top PHP web developers know how to use this programming language to the fullest by keeping your business requirements. That is why we are the renowned custom PHP web development company.


Social Networking Solutions

Our skilled developers are updated with the trends in the world of social networking site development. Therefore, they utilize these trends to provide you with social networking development solutions. Moreover, they make sure you get an engaging and scalable website based on PHP.


Customized PHP Web Apps

The best PHP web development company Technource has a team of expert developers. They understand your business requirements and build a web app of your choice. You can have any type of feature in your web app as our efficient developers know how to deal with complexity levels.


Migration to Latest PHP Version

The wide variety of PHP frameworks and latest versions of PHP come with effective and easy solutions. Therefore, migrating to the latest version becomes the need of the hour. So, our experienced PHP web developers can migrate your website to the latest version of PHP.


CMS Development

You have to keep your website updated and due to this, often you need to change, add, and remove content from it. For this, a Content Management System is a must. Hence, our efficient developers harness the full potential and provide you with a successful CMS website.


Customized Web Portals

We offer the top PHP development solutions in customized web portals like sales, project management, membership, employee, and more. A suitable PHP framework plays a crucial role in developing web portals, therefore our skilled developers use Laravel, Codeignitor, Symfony, Yii, and more as per need.

Plugin Integration

API Integration

When you hire PHP developers from Technource, you can get the best API integration to exchange data and functionality easily. Moreover, with the help of several interfaces, we integrate third-party APIs to your PHP website after discussion with you. We can integrate all three types of APIs public, private, & internal.


On-Demand Websites & Web Apps

We are a top PHP development company in the USA, you can contact for any type of website requirements. As we offer on-demand services in various business ideas, you can discuss yours and let us know the requirements and the features you want in the website or web app.


e-Commerce PHP Solutions

Highly customized eCommerce PHP websites fulfill your business objectives. Our top PHP developers use the latest technology trends in PHP, analyze the features and functionalities of different eCommerce websites. It is because they believe in offering a robust, effective, and scalable website to the client.


PHP MySQL Development Services

Our developers can build scalable and powerful web apps of all types by combining PHP and MySQL. They modify the tables in the database using MySQL as per the requirements and also provide code optimization recommendations.

Discuss Your Project with Our Specialists

Our PHP developers are skilled in dealing with simple web apps to complex ones. So, feel free to discuss your business idea with us.


PHP Web Development Advantages



As PHP is an open-source language, you can use it free of cost. Moreover, to implement PHP, it’s not necessary to purchase any license. PHP is supported by a huge community so it is ever-evolving. Likewise, a lot of plugins and widgets are free.


Easily Manageable

PHP users can easily manage their website by using popular PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, CakePHP, Codeigniter, Zend, Yii, etc depending on the type and complexity of their requirements.



When it comes to database connectivity, PHP web development is pretty flexible in synchronizing the database at the backend. It can allow using database connectivity such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Postgres, SQLite, etc. Applications developed in PHP can be easily integrated with other technologies like Java.


Secured & Efficient

PHP is one of the most secure technologies to develop websites and web applications. It uses a security layer for protecting data from viruses and other threats. PHP offers to create dynamic applications by writing simple codes.


Seamless Communication

Technource has a team of experts who discuss your business idea thoroughly and provide you with a free consultation. You can put forth an idea and your requirements at any time so that our PHP developers can offer a website of your choice.


Post-Launch Support

We provide you maintenance support after the launch of your website to make sure its ecosystem is running smoothly or not. You can get technical, creative, and strategic support from our team for 30 days of your website or web app launch.


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Hire PHP Development Company With a Simple and Hassle-Free Process

Research for the right PHP development company often eats up your major time. We understand how crucial it is to get the best website on time. So, hire dedicated PHP developers from Technource with the simple steps below.

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    Request a Quote for Free Consultation

    Give your details like Name, email ID, Phone number, and Skype/Whatsapp/ Hangout. And provide a short description of your requirements for a free consultation.

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    Discuss Your Project with Experts

    Our team of experts will contact you, and discuss your business idea. You can ask any questions related to app or web development during the discussion.

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    Finalize the Project Terms

    In this step, the project is finalized. It includes a discussion on the cost, objectives, and time required to complete the project.

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    It is a process to make the application publicly accessible for the users. It takes configuring and enabling the application. Moreover, you can call it a complete and finished product for the users.


We Follow Agile Development Methodology for Effcetive, Seamless, & Timely Development

Companies use PHP because it is portable, easy to learn, flexible, and available free. If you also want a PHP website, you can get a robust product in a short time, as we follow an iterative development process in which the project is divided among groups, and the development is tested at every stage.



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