Codeigniter is a PHP MVC framework for website and web application development. It is one of the most sought-after PHP frameworks. Our Codeigniter development company receives many projects for this framework. Our stack web developer analyzes tools and technologies to use for project management. Moreover, Codeigniter is a powerful framework with a very small footprint. Developers can create a fully-featured app using an elegant and simple toolkit of Codeigniter. This lightweight framework makes development fast and effective.

Choosing expert Codeigniter programmers for your website development can increase customer traffic because this framework provides SEO-friendly URLs, offers many libraries, and allow the development of libraries as per need. The latest version of Codeigniter PHP is 4, which is completely written on PHP 7. You can get result-oriented websites on time because Codeigniter is lightweight, has a small footprint, has clear documentation, and the configuration is nearly Zero.

We have a bunch of dedicated Codeigniter developers who make sure you get competitive web apps. They also handle projects on commerce development. For this, they go through your requirements meticulously and offer a solution that matches your needs. Moreover, follow the web trends to come up with an innovative website that can stand out in the web market. Our PHP developers have built various websites to date so they know how to handle different types of projects.



Technource is a leading PHP Codeigniter development company. Several businesses choose us for customized software solutions. From big ventures to startups we have handled different projects and developed unique functionalities for them.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of choosing Codeigniter programmers in the
space below.

  • Experienced Codeigniter programmers to discuss the ideas
  • Sign non-disclosure agreement
  • Reasonable development cost
  • Creative designers for web & app
  • Wireframe and Prototype creation
  • Experience in handling complex projects
  • High-quality solutions
  • Worked on complex projects
  • Many unique functionalities developed
  • Transparent communication
  • Agile development methodology
  • Timely completion of the project
  • Maintenance and support services


Trusted Codeigniter Web Development Company

Want to take your business to the next level with a cost-effective & high-performant website? Codeigniter offers many benefits to fulfill your dream of such a type of online presence. We have full stack developers to take care of every aspect of the project.

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Loosely Coupled

Coupling is the degree to which components of the system depend on each other, but less dependency is good for a system. The built-in features of Codeigniter are designed in a way that they don’t need to rely much on other components. This feature helps the Codeigniter developer to maintain and make upgrades easily.

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Light Weight

Codeigniter web development is not a lengthy and heavy process. The systems require a very small library, but it allows you to install other libraries upon dynamic requests as per your need in the Codeigniter development projects. So, that is why it is a high-performing framework. It is used by a backend developer.

Customized Solutions

Built-in Libraries

Codeigniter has some libraries and helpers. Suppose, you want something on the web and it is not in the framework, or you want to implement the features your way; in this case, you can create helpers, libraries, and packages. Moreover, this framework has components for sending emails, database management, and session management.

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MVC Pattern

This framework of PHP uses the Model-View-Controller architecture design. MVC is crucial for developing business web apps because it separates the data, business logic, and presentation. When a request comes to the controller, the database action is performed through the model. And View helps to show the output.

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SEO-friendly URL

Many businesses hire Codeigniter developers for SEO-friendly URLs for their websites. It is because the URL generated by Codeigniter is search-engine friendly and clean. Moreover, it uses a segment-based approach instead of a standard query-based approach. This feature is crucial for the good rank of your website.

Mastering the Art of Fast Learning Short Le

Short Learning Curve

You can master Codeigniter easily if you know PHP. Short time is required for learning and implementing Codeigniter for web and app development. Technource, a top Codeigniter development company has many expert Codeigniter developers. They have worked on various types of projects and thus can easily handle yours.

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Small Footprint

The complete source code of the Codeigniter framework is around only 2MB. That is why it is easy to make changes to it. Moreover, the small footprint makes it easy for new developers to learn it and they can find Codeigniter plugin development easy process. Handling the errors becomes easy so that developers can implement the improvements quickly.

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Blazing Fast

Whoever wants to use the slow web or app? No one. Codeigniter is the best choice to work in a fast environment. This framework downloads and runs faster than other frameworks. It takes a few seconds to install. It is because the core system requires very few libraries, so there is less load on it. Additional libraries can be added.


Outstanding Documentation

You can find many books, tutorials, and questions about Codeigniter. So, this framework is well documented. It means you can easily find the solution to the problems you face while using Codeigniter because someone has already faced the problem and written the answer. Various enterprises use our Codeigniter web development services.

Discuss Your Project with Our Specialists

Hire Codeigniter expert who understands your business objectives and develops what you want. Share your idea with a reliable development firm today


We are the leading Codeigniter development company with a talented bunch of professionals who offer various services. You can hire a skilled web developer from us for amazing services. Our dedicated developers have technical expertise in various technologies.

Codeigniter Web App Development

Codeigniter Web App Development

Many businesses choose Codeigniter web app development for growth because it offers various benefits. We have certified Codeigniter developers who have developed websites for several businesses to date, so they can work effectively on your project.

Codeigniter eCommerce Development

Codeigniter eCommerce Development

You can hire the best team of professionals for your eCommerce website from Technource. Our best Codeigniter developers create feature-rich, SEO-friendly, and dynamic websites as per business requirements. It helps to meet the goals timely and effectively.

Codeigniter Extension Services

Codeigniter Extension Services

Adding unique features to a web app or website makes it impressive and stand out. Various established businesses and startups seek our Codeigniter website development services. We develop extensions as per their requirements & add unique features to their websites.

Codeigniter Migration Services

Codeigniter Migration Services

We have skilled Codeigniter web developers. They can migrate a web and app between different technologies easily with quality code. Various businesses need to migrate their website for more attractive features and improved performance. We offer all types of technology migration.

Codeigniter API Development

Codeigniter API Development

Our Codeigniter development company offers API integration services as per the requirements of the website. We can integrate different apps and make your website high-performant and feature-rich. API development is crucial for sharing data and executing predefined processes.

Codeigniter Maintenance Services

Codeigniter Maintenance Services

We offer you round-the-clock maintenance services. You can contact us and get resolved all the issues on your web at any time. Moreover, we offer 4-8 weeks of post-launch support to your website in which our team fixes errors, bugs, and many other issues.


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Other Technologies Our Developers Use for Web Development

Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks. However, web or app development can’t be done only with this technology. There are various other technologies are also used.

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Industries We Serve with Codeigniter Framework

We build e commerce applications with open source framework Codeigniter using digital platforms. We understand the business needs of enterprises for different sectors and come up with desired outcomes. You can leave cms worries by hiring our developers who work remotely. Have a look at the industries we serve with our quality work.


How to Hire Codeigniter Developers?

We can be your best development partner because we have an efficient Codeigniter team of professionals who know different programming languages. Want to hire a Codeigniter developer? Follow the simple steps mentioned below.

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    Request a Quote for Free Consultation

    Give your details like Name, email ID, Phone number, and Skype/Whatsapp/ Hangout. And provide a short description of your requirements for a free consultation.

  • Discuss-Your-Project-with-Experts-2

    Discuss Your Project with Experts

    Our team of experts will contact you, and discuss your business idea. You can ask any questions related to app or web development during the discussion. A skilled Codeigniter developer will answer your questions.

  • Finalize-the-Project-Terms-4

    Finalize the Project Terms

    In this step, the project development is finalized. It includes a discussion with the Codeigniter developer and other experts on the cost, objectives, and time required to complete the project.

  • Deployment


    It is a process to make the application publicly accessible to the users. It takes configuring and enabling the application. Moreover, you can call it a complete and finished product for the users.


We follow the Agile development methodology for timely & effective solutions

An iterative process in Agile development makes the development fast and productive. Our Codeigniter developer provides robust, impressive, and high-performant webs using this methodology.



Reach Out to Us for Seamless & Engaging Apps Development

Our Codeigniter developers have handled different industries like healthcare, travel, food & beverages, and education projects. So, before you hire Codeigniter expert, check our projects. Some of them are presented in the portfolio below.

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Real Estate Marketplace

The “Hommati” project was required to build an online property portal system that offers region-wise properties listing. This website is a one-stop cloud solution for different profiles like home seekers, sellers, agents, and franchises.

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