Why Are Developers Planning to Drift Towards React Instead of Angular

Which technology to select for my app or web? It is a common and frequently asked question to developers by businesses. Many enterprises stay confused between React and Angular. Although picking the best technology is not a walk in the park, many go for React over Angular. Why is this so?

Today, you will know the answers to many questions that confuse you. Our Reactjs development company has worked on different industry apps and websites. So, our developers can provide you with genuine information about which one to choose between React and Angular.

For this, you have to understand the positive and negative aspects of both. They make the development process easy and convenient for the developers. Let’s read comprehensively about them.



Positive Aspects of React Development

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library. The developers can create impressive designs using its UI components. Likewise, it belongs to the MERN stack. Many popular applications are made using React. Some of them are Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, New York Times, etc. Moreover, React is now leading among the most used web frameworks. Check out the statistics below.



The image presents the most used web frameworks among developers worldwide, as of 2021. React js is at the number one position with 40.14% of respondents, and Angular is at the 4rth position with only 22.96% of respondents. Have a look at the positive aspects of the framework.

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Dynamic web app development
  3. JavaScript library
  4. Reusable components
  5. Fast and quality development
  6. SEO-friendly
  7. Proficient data binding

Negative Aspects of React Development

React has some disadvantages also. Without knowing them, you can’t understand why use React over Angular. So, we are presenting you with some negative aspects of React. If you know them, you can compare React with Angular easily and decide which would be the right technology for your project. Have a look at the points below and you can also read Angularjs vs Reactjs comparison guide.

  1. Poor documentation
  2. JSX as a barrier
  3. High pace of development

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Positive Aspects of Angular Development

Angular is an open-source web application framework. It helps the developers to build scalable applications for various sectors like education, healthcare, food, and beverages, real estate, and many others. There are some popular Angular js applications from which YouTube is a well-known name. But why does YouTube use Angular JS? Let’s have a look at some positive aspects of the Angular framework.

  1. Angular is a part of the MEAN stack development
  2. MVC architecture implementation
  3. Services and dependency injections
  4. Two-way data binding

Negative Aspects of Angular Development

Since many developers are drifting to React, it must have some limitations or disadvantages. You can understand the advantages of React over Angular better if you know the negative aspects of Angular. So, read the points below.

  1. Laggy & inconvenient SPAs
  2. Poor performance
  3. Steep learning curve
  4. Limited SEO options
  5. Improper CLI documentation

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Why Is React Better Than Angular?

After knowing the negative and positive aspects of both technologies, you can understand where Angular lacks. But, for a better understanding, we are comparing features of both the technologies together so that you can know why React over angular is a better choice.

To understand the React benefits over angular, you can read the table and the points mentioned in the further space.

Comparison Table


Key Areas React JS Angular JS
Type JavaScript Library Complete Framework
Performance Fast & Efficient Average
Learning curve Small Big
Best Feature Freedom to choose tools, architecture, libraries Limited freedom & flexibility
Documentation Faster Slower
Updates Simple Complex
Ideal Use Native-rendered apps Large-scale apps
Model Virtual DOM MVC
GitHub Stars 180 K 80.8 K
Template JSX+J5 (ES5/ES6) HTML+Typescript

1. Type

You first need to know the type to understand the React benefits over Angular. React is a JavaScript library and ideal for faster website development. You can style the app or web in your way or customize it beautifully with React. Whereas, Angular or Angular JS is a complete framework in which you have to use a template for development.

2. Performance

Many developers are moving to React because of the fast and efficient performance it offers. You can develop effective websites using React in a short time. But when it comes to Angular, it performs not as effectively as React.

3. Learning Curve

If you are thinking about why choose React over Angular, you must know that it’s easy to learn React as compared to Angular. React offers a small learning curve while Angular offers a big or steep learning curve. That is why most people like to learn React because it’s easy to make apps and webs.

4. Best Feature

Customized designs give a personalized look to the app or web, so many enterprises hire Reactjs developers. It is because, React gives freedom to choose, tools, architecture, libraries. Whereas, Angular offers limited freedom and flexibility to make customized UI and UX.

5. Documentation

Developers can make reusable components comprehensible and discoverable with React. Moreover, it allows fast documentation that helps to save time for developers. On the other hand, Angular offers slower documentation.

6. Updates

The process of updating React is simple. The developers don’t have to give much time and effort for updating React. But, in the case of Angular, the developers have to face difficulties. Likewise, Angular offers a complex updating process.

7. Ideal Use

Developers can build Native-rendered apps in React whereas, Angular is the best choice for developing large-scale apps. So, for developers who want to build small-scale apps, React is an ideal choice for them. It is one of the crucial benefits of React over angular.

8. Model

React uses Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) while Angular uses MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. React use to DOMs. Moreover, its DOM allows updates without rewriting the whole structure of the HTML tree. It means React DOM is faster than Angular DOM.

9. GitHub Stars

GitHub gives stars on the basis of popularity and quality. React has over 180 K, and Angular has only 80.8 K stars on GitHub. So, you can understand which technology people believe and use more.

10. Template

A template makes the work of developers easy and reduces heavy coding. React uses JSX+J5 (ES5/ES6) template while Angular uses HTML+Typescript. Developers use React JSX+J5 (ES5/ES6) widely because it allows more features.


How to Choose the Right Technology for Your App or Website?

Often, you get confused while selecting a technology for your app or website. Well, this is very important to give enough time to the selection of tools and technologies, because the best choice ensures a successful solution.

You should focus on the below points to choose the right technology.

  • Type of the app or web
  • Complexity level
  • Features required
  • UI & UX Designs
  • Users
  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Trends
  • Most used technologies
  • Availability of developers

If you are still confused about which is the best technology, you can contact the top Reactjs development company Technource for free and genuine consultation.

Wrapping Up

React and Angular both offer benefits, but developers are showing more interest in React because of some reasons that you read in the blog. Technource offers robust, beautiful, scalable, and cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, we provide genuine suggestions if you are a novice in the technology world. Likewise, we are the best angularjs development company as well besides React.



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