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Are you running a business of on-demand services? Make it smooth and more profitable with a scalable and data-intensive app by our on-demand app development company. You can meet your business objectives effectively and take them to new heights. Technource is the best option for your project, know why below.

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It’s high time to enrich your business with new dimensions because competition is growing every day. We offer the best on-demand app development services to help you take your business to the next level and make new customers. We follow the smooth process from the development to publishing of the on-demand apps on the Google play store and Apple store.


We decide on the operating system and app development technologies, after analyzing your target audience. Our experts help industries regardless of their types with effective technologies. So, our on-demand app development company offers software solutions for many technologies. Let’s explore them.

Android App Development

You can reach a larger audience with an Android app. We use cutting-edge technology to enrich your Android application. And we have 10+ years of experience to build an on-demand app for a single platform.

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iOS App Development

Technource is the most preferred iOS app development firm because it has efficient developers and dedicated designers to provide the desired service. Our team uses some popular technologies to make iOS applications.

Swift-icon Objective-C-icon RxSwift-icon Swift-UI-icon

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App development requires the use of specific technologies and standard patterns. Our developers can incorporate essential features of web and native apps in the PWA.

Angular-icon React-icon Vue-icon

Cross-Platform App

Applications should work seamlessly on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. It extends the reach of your app to more comprehensive mobile phone users. Here are the technologies for cross-platform apps.




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Emerging technologies are shaping the way people utilize webs and apps and improving customer satisfaction. The trending technologies improve ROI and offer a great experience. We have developers on-demand to build innovative apps using such technologies and offer cost-effective solutions in the given period.

AI Chatbot

AI chatbot removes barriers to customer support and offers round-the-clock chat service. It has changed the game forever how chat processes used to work. App users can get instant responses to their questions in real-time. This type of feature improves customer engagement which is fuel to keep the app running. For this, we analyze the on-demand market to give a competitive edge to your product.

Big Data

Understanding the user behavior, buying pattern, demographic data, and user social behavior is possible with big data analysis. You can change your marketing plans and offer a better user experience by developing an engaging app after big data analysis. It is also vital for making AI applications and it offers users a better experience.

Internet of Things

We have a dedicated team model to develop IoT applications. There are many IoT on-demand apps in the market for different purposes. If you get an excellent idea for on-demand IoT application development, our team will enrich your app with robust and high-performant features. So, we make your consumers’ lives better.

Augmented Reality

3D modeling is the most used feature of Augmented Reality. Real estate uses it for virtual home tours, 3D house views, and more. You can find experienced developers at the on-demand mobile app development company Technource. These developers incorporate AR features impeccably so that the end-users can get the best result.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based apps are built by our technical experts as per the demand of stakeholders. Cloud computing applications are widely used by people to efficiently run their businesses. Its development includes crucial stages before hitting the market. Our professionals also use tools for cloud-based apps.


Blockchain technology is a rising trend in on-demand app development. The primary goal of using blockchain in mobile apps is to make the transaction secure and safe. Our team has developed a mobile banking app with blockchain technology and has many other projects for this technology.


Different industries need applications for various purposes. On-demand solutions for these industries help the users in their daily work. From eating food to traveling, on-demand apps are used widely.

Food-Beverages-selected Food-Beverages

Revenue from online food delivery is expected to reach 343.80 in 2022. The food delivery app covers the largest segment of the app market. Our many projects are related to food delivery app developments and grocery delivery services because of the boom in this market. We analyze the market to find potential customers.

Real-Estate-selected Real-Estate

This sector is witnessing a revolution because of on-demand applications. We provide app delivery services for realtors, brokers, buyers, and sellers. Our team can make a full-fledged app for all these users as per need. Hommati is one of our successful apps. You can also get in touch with our team for such a product.

Education Education-selected

Education is one of the prominent areas for which applications are required more than ever before. Students can learn at any time with an app. Our developers use trending technologies to make studying through an app a fun-loving task for the users. Likewise, our team focuses on minimum viable product development, so that early customer experience can be improved.

Healthcare-selected Healthcare

You can manage hospital visits, medical conditions, fitness goals, and insurance claims with the help of an app. Moreover, you can get the lab results and prescriptions on your phone. You can let us know about your feature set for medical services. And we will provide you with the best customer support by integrating the features into your app.

e-Commerce-selected-1 e-Commerce-1

Around 95% of people will shop online by 2040. So, eCommerce can be a great on-demand app development idea. We offer many on-demand services for eCommerce app ideas. Our team also does API integration to make apps competitive. Moreover, you can discuss your idea and know the fixed price for app development.

Travel-icon-selected Travel-icon

Leading travel agencies and startups need apps for booking and guidance for the location. We can develop flight and accommodation booking apps. Moreover, enable the net banking feature for payments. You can hire on-demand app developers from Technource for your application idea for the travel industry.


We have handled various types of projects to date. The projects were from different industries for international clients. They are now running successful businesses with the help of our on-demand services for app development. You can check out our on-demand service apps in our portfolio section below.


Hommati is a platform that helps real estate agents win more listings and sell more homes by providing extraordinary features like aerial video, 3D Interactive tours.


The client wanted Technource to create mobile app that offers effortless ways for buying and selling homes and properties. The requirements were fastest property search, showing schools nearby property, orderly lead generation to franchises, and more.


For all the requirements we researched and integrated Elasticsearch for the solution, resultant, we got address listing in a short time. Integrated third-party School API with Google Map showing nearby Schools using school icons nearby property. This feature automatically keeps a track of the succeeding franchise and sends leads via email.


This platform provides different types of services. The main use is to connect local services to the customers so that service providers can get the right job that they are looking for.


The main challenges were counting staff working hours, generating a referral code, and sending a notification to nearby area staff.


For solving the problems we researched meticulously and found the best way to sort out sending notifications to nearby area staff. With an effective understanding of the logic building of our developers, the referral code feature got completed. Added clock in and clock out feature and based on this hour tracked through the app. Likewise, created the option of a system calculating the final invoice amount for the customer.


With the Tuitment app, you can manage your Coaching Institute very easily & efficiently. It has 2 different apps for Tuitment Students/Parents & Tuitment Admin/Staff.


For us understanding the education industry, multiple user roles, and exam modules were the challenges. The client wanted effortless solutions so that customers can find the app beneficial.


We had to meet a few coaching institute owners to understand the process of coaching institute. For multiple user roles, we finalized a hierarchy model and implemented the proper database structure. We created 2 different modules; one is the institute exam and 2nd is for the school exams in that way we managed this problem in the Tuitment platform.


Tojarcom is a one-of-a-kind e-commerce service. Tojarcom means “your merchants on the web”, It fills the gap of underserved customers looking for authentic affordable luxury products with customized high-end customer service.


Implementing the search module from different vendors, parcel tracking once it is shipped, and fetching order and shipping details were some of the challenges.


We made efficient use of the Custom or Programmable Search Engine feature offered by Google. This allows developing a search engine for your blog, website, or collection of websites. Using this you can code your search engine to search for web pages as well as images.


Hatch is a courier service app with a tweak. Using this platform common people can use courier services in their free time.


Drawing the root on the MAP was a challenging part of this project. For every delivery location root drawing on the map was not easy. Sending a request to a nearby driver and stripe payment gateway were other challenges.


With the proper techniques, guidance, the structure of coding, and the use of proper API, we implemented the root map feature in the app. We structured the database accordingly. Moreover, implemented payment gateway logic.


Simpurgo Building Maintenance is a commercial cleaning and janitorial service provider in western Canada.


We faced the problem of defining the staff work methodology for a particular type of commercial building like hospitals or restaurants etc. How to check that staff has cleaned properly or not?


We created the pre-defined templates for the different types of businesses and defined the set of rules, and tasks for each type of business to decide on staff work methodology. We introduced the concept of the B&A Report. This report means the Before and After detail report.


We follow the Agile development methodology for quick and quality results. Check out the crucial development steps.

  • Discussion on the project vision
  • A detailed analysis of requirements
  • Planning of project architecture
  • Implementation, review, & daily scrum
  • Analysis of mistakes and their removal


Many brands trust Technource for the best results. Check out the ratings and reviews about Technource by top brands.

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Ranked as a top Website for offering mobile app development services.

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Recognized as the best app development services provider in the USA.

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Featured in the list of top software development agencies in the USA & Malaysia.

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Hire experienced developers for web & mobile apps to facilitate your digital appetite.


Our professional on-demand app developers offer feature-rich solutions to various industries. Here are the significant features that your on-demand app must have.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Give wider exposure to your on-demand apps by enabling them with multi-language features. It will help you expand your on-demand business in many countries and generate more profit. Moreover, it will be convenient for your app users to find results in any language and improve the interaction.
Feature Customization

Feature Customization

Different business ideas need features in their apps as per the requirements. We customize the apps according to your business needs and incorporate features that match your requirement. You can approach us for feature up-gradation because our on-demand app developers analyze trends.
In-App Communication Support

In-App Communication Support

We can enable in-app chat features so that you can communicate within the app. It is a great feature for stakeholder convenience. Users can maintain privacy while chatting with other users and keep their information secured. Moreover, we include in-app payment methods like e-wallet as well in your on-demand delivery apps for effective services.
Dashboard Development

Dashboard Development

An admin dashboard on the on-demand delivery app is an admin panel to analyze the transactions, view earnings, order status, and more details. Moreover, you can generate the full report and check all the details at once. This is a crucial feature for the stakeholder for the smooth running of the business and avoids chaos.
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications help the app users not to miss out on offers, important deals, order status, and upcoming products. It's a reminder which is a most convenient way to know deals on time. It is an integral part of on-demand delivery apps. We have provided on-demand app solutions with this one of the important features to many enterprises to date.

Real-Time Analytics

It is an important feature because it gives you insights into the things that help you enhance the on-demand business. You can study your consumers, understand their buying behavior, and analyze products, competitors, and services with the help of real-time tracking. Likewise, we focus on app performance to grow your business.


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