What is Alexa & Alexa Skill Development

A voice assistant, Alexa, is created by Amazon that works on a range of Amazon devices, and it’s all based on Artificial Intelligence. The voice assistant understands the surroundings in an organization through users’ skills and accounts and uses all this data to answer the queries asked to it. Each command, default, or new can be created using the Alexa Skills Kit, and each of these commands is called Skill.

In an organization, Alexa voice assistant can be utilized to achieve a range of different tasks that include order tracking, scheduled calls, document edits, and so on. But if that organization wants to enhance its productivity, processes, management, and more, that can be done through custom Alexa skill development.

In most cases, by default Amazon Alexa Skill can only entertain household needs. Still, when you’re a business owner, no matter large or small, you need custom Alexa Skill to enhance the assistant’s functionality for your business requirements and processes. All these customizations are configured based on the endpoint, content, and interaction.

We at technource are experts in the Alexa platform, and we can provide you with our custom Alexa skill development services according to whatever you require to enhance you Alexa’s functionalities

Why Choose Technource For Alexa Skill Development?

Here we are, technource, we are a trusted custom Alexa skill development solution provider. We have worked with different industries like eCommerce, Hospitality and Education.

What We Can Do For You

reusable component
Reusable Components

We have our reusable components library that helps us building software systems from existing artifacts instead of developing it from scratch. Our research and development team has created decoupled software components for several features that can be used in multiple projects that reduce overall development cost and time, improve software quality.

Experienced technical team
Cross-Functional Teams

We have cross-functional teams that include experts having different aspects of expertise in the software development life cycle. The diverse expertise includes database engineers, quality assurance, business analysts, UX/UI experts, and all of them work together, so there are no obstacles in the development process of final products of clients.

agile development
Agile Development

We at technource utilize agile development method and DevOps deployment for Alexa skill development process that helps in delivering robust applications with less risk to our customers.

Friendly Programming
App Developer’s Friendly Programming

Flutter, with its numerous features available, makes developers efficiently achieving agile coding of dynamic. For example, utilising the Hot Reload functionality, developers can make modifications in the code and check that if its working fine with ease.

Alexa skil development
Alexa Skill Development Experience

At Technource, as your favorite Alexa skill development company has a team of over 30 apps and software developers who have the experience of building multiple Alexa enabled applications. Our experts are well experienced with backend development, frontend development, server side technologies such as node js, and other javascript libraries and frameworks. Having all these, we can handle all your Alexa skill development lifecycle with efficiency and quality.

Faster User Experience copy
Faster User Experience And Easily Adaptable

Although its new platform it got a lot of features that allow application developers to provide smooth user experience as well as provide value to your business. Its easier to learn as compared to other frameworks even newbies are using it to develop cross-platform applications across the world.

Why is Alexa Skill Important for Businesses?

You, as a businessman, should certainly not go into the market with mobile apps and thoughts to the digital experience you’re giving to your all clients. You must take a meaningful as well as strategic approaches to add a lot of value to your clients. Alexa skill development is something you need to get started with now as there are many businesses already in the market, taking huge benefits through it.

  • Do you know that Amazon Echo lineup holds about 72% of smart speakers’ market share? People, on the other hand, are filling their houses and offices with these kinds of compatible devices such as connected fridges, lamps, door locks, thermostats, and other such appliances and devices that may use Alexa Voice Service API.
  • You, as a business owner, must understand that your investment in Alexa skill development is safe as Alexa is holding a massive part of the marketplace, and it’s likely to keep the pace for a quite long time. Choosing the Alexa Skill, make the development easier for both technical as well as the product strategy aspects. Keeping the stuff simple certainly means that you don’t need to develop customization for other voice assistant platforms like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based platforms will continue to win people’s loyalty and trust because of accurate matching and efficient sorting in the market.
  • For now, Amazon got great motivations for companies to get succeeded by Alexa Skill development and offering efficient and robust customer support for Skill development. As the market grows, these kinds of supports are likely to expand more.
  • Alexa skill is likely getting more complex as the technology grows, which means that people’s expectations for enhanced functionalities and features will grow as well. Although for now, Alexa can’t provide the mature skill if you on your own, but as the Alexa technology evolves time by time, it will change just like mobile apps did.

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