Why Is Laravel Praised Ubiquitously on the Internet?

Laravel is a popular PHP framework and is used by many top websites in the world. But why is Laravel popular? You will know what makes Laravel a popular framework, the cost to develop a Laravel website and the future of the Laravel framework.

For ages, PHP has drawn the internet with its open-source credibility and versatile nature. It has given the developer’s community a reason to build newer and achievable codes that never dwell.

Moreover, PHP offers many frameworks for front-end and back-end development. Laravel is one of the most praised PHP frameworks. But, why is Laravel popular and used by many websites?

Laravel is existing for 6 years, and many versions of this framework came from time to time. The latest version is Laravel 9, and it is the first Laravel LTS framework.

It’s a young technology with considerable recognition than any other PHP framework, so numerous businesses are looking for the best Laravel development company that can use Laravel 9 for their projects.

What Is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a web application framework. A development team likes to work with it due to its expressive and elegant syntax. Clean code is the need of today’s PHP development and Laravel is the best choice for the same.

This framework beautifies the code and manages it so that you can make changes with ease. Every feature is thoughtful, which helps in effective Laravel development.

Well, this amazing framework was created by Taylor Otwell. This is the most popular open-source web framework. Furthermore, it offers Model-View-Controller architecture based on a symphony. There are more than 646,000 websites using the Laravel framework.

The main reason for the popularity of Laravel is it automates repetitive tasks and saves time and effort for developers. There are many other reasons for its popularity that you can know just by scrolling down the pages.



Is Laravel Back-end of Front-end Framework?

Before knowing about the reasons for the popularity of Laravel development, you must be clear about whether it is a back-end or front-end framework.

This framework by PHP was originally built for server-side development. But with time, its capability improved, and now you can say, that Laravel is a full-stack framework. Most PHP developers still use it for back-end development, while some use it for the front-end and back-end, both types of development.

So, it is a full-fledged framework for easy and fast development. Although many think that PHP is dying, the Laravel framework of PHP is booming like never before.

Have a look at the rising popularity of Laravel in the below image.



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Why Is Laravel a Popular Choice for Web App Development?

Several competitors want to build a laravel website because of the benefits this framework offers. If you know the advantages, you can hire a Laravel developer quickly and effectively. So, know why is Laravel popular.

  1. Eloquent ORM
  2. Reverse Routing
  3. Query Builder Interface
  4. Minimum PHP Requirement
  5. Stub Migration
  6. MVC Support
  7. Packaging System

Explore the reasons for Laravel being popular among the various stakeholders in detail below.

  • Eloquent ORM

    The developers will not have to write SQL code to deal with the database query. You can do it with a simple process. Moreover, eloquent ORM is necessary to simplify the query handling process. The developers don’t face any issues while integrating with database tables.

  • Reverse Routing

    You can generate URLs based on names and symbols. It means URLs are dependent on route declarations. Likewise, the developers can write clear view code easily because reverse routing makes an application flexible.

  • Query Builder Interface

    Laravel 9 has come with a new query builder interface. The professional app programmers in a best PHP development company can easily refactor the code. Moreover, the query builder interface makes the static analysis and type hinting process simple.

  • Minimum PHP Requirement

    The latest version of Laravel uses PHPunit8 for web app testing. Moreover, the developers can use PHP8 with Symfony v6.0. This feature is attracting many PHP developers, and they are preferring Laravel for web app development.

  • Stub Migration

    The latest version of Laravel makes the anonymous stub migration a default behavior. Due to multiple migrations with the same name, there is an issue of class name collision. The Laravel developers can use stub migration to resolve this issue.

  • MVC Support

    It is the most important reason that is why Laravel is popular. Laravel follows a model-view-control architecture pattern. Moreover, it has an expressive syntax which makes it object-oriented.

  • Packaging System

    The packaging system handles many support software and libraries. The developers can automate the process with their web applications. Likewise, the dependency manager manages the information required to manage the packages.

    The popularity of Laravel is rising, and more businesses want their websites in Laravel. That is why Github gave more than 63,000 stars to the framework. Have a look at the image below.



What Is the Cost of Laravel Web Development?

Are you planning to hire a Laracvel development agency? If yes, you should not move further without knowing the cost because this is an important factor for the success of the business.

There are many factors that affect the cost of the Laravel project. Have a look at the type of hiring models that affect the cost.

  1. Outstaffing: It means one organization outsources the project from another organization. This is an effective model where cost control is paramount. The cost of outsourcing a Laravel software solution is around $10,000-$70,000.
  2. Freelancing: Many websites help employers to find suitable developers online for their projects. The stakeholder can choose a professional from the pool of developers at a rate of $20-$50/hour.
  3. Recruitment Agencies: If you take website development services from an agency, you get all the professionals required for website development in one place. The agencies hire developers for the small, startups, and established, all types of businesses. So, the cost for this type of development is around $10,000-$100,000.

The cost of Laravel development depends on some other factors as well. Have a look at the space below.

  1. Project Scope: The size and complexity level of the project determines the cost of development.
  2. Developers Location: If you want to hire developers from outside of the country the cost will differ according to the location.
  3. Requirements: What type of website development do you want? If you want advanced features and functions, the cost can be higher than normal.

Let’s know about the cost to hire PHP developers.

According to Arc.dev, the median cost of hiring PHP developers is $61-$80/hour. Have a look at the image below.





Cost to Hire Laravel Developers?

Now move ahead to know about the cost to hire a Laravel developer. The cost is different as per the locations.

  • Asia: $18-$50/hour
  • Africa: $20-$50/hour
  • Europe: $20-$70/hour
  • Australia: $25-$100/hour
  • South America: $30-$100/hour
  • North America: $50-$150/hour



Which Are the Top 5 Laravel Websites?

What type of website do you want to build with Laravel? You can know it better with the below-mentioned examples. These are the top 5 websites that use Laravel.

  1. 1. The New York Times

    New York Times is a popular newspaper for decades. It provides news through the daily newspaper and online distribution.

  2. the-new-york-times-3-600x403
  3. source

  4. 2. Disney Hotstar

    Who doesn’t know the name of Disney Hotstar? It is the most popular website in the world and uses the Laravel framework for development.

  5. disney-plus-600x278 (1)
  6. source

  7. 3. St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital

    This is a pediatric treatment and research hospital. It focuses on the children’s diseases and diagnoses. Likewise, it provides facilities for diagnose, particularly for cancer and leukemia.

  8. St.-Jude-Childrens-Research-Hospital-600x600
  9. source

  10. 4. Warner Bros

    Most people call it WB. It is a multinational media and entertainment company that focuses on film production and TV studio.

  11. WarnerBros-India

What Is the Future of Laravel Development?

Are you visualizing how your website will look after knowing the popular Laravel websites? You can also fulfill your dream of a scalable and beautiful website because now you know why Laravel is popular.

But, does Laravel has a future? Although it is a popular choice now, what about the future, would it be still popular? Let’s analyze.

Since Laravel provides secure and powerful development solutions, it is not going out easily. Even, the Laravel community is consistently working to improve the features, plugins, and functions of the Laravel framework for better user experience and effective development.

Laravel 9 provides many advanced features and a great LTS (Long Term Support). Many companies find Laravel is the finest option to build a quick and simple web app at a reasonable cost. So, they can migrate their websites to this technology.

Scalable websites are the need of the hour. A website should be ready to handle huge traffic with ease. Likewise, most enterprises find the Laravel framework capable of fast development. So, the future of Laravel development will keep on growing.

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Wrapping Up:

PHP is used by many big companies and Laravel is its top framework. So, more businesses use this framework for their projects. Moreover, Laravel website development is a cost-effective option. And the future of this framework is going to advance in 2022 and beyond.




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