What’s New in Laravel 10: A Deep Dive Into the Latest Updates and Features

The first version of Laravel Beta was released on 9 June 2011 and Laravel 1 was released later in the same month. Now we have Laravel 10 in 2023. Well, this version of the framework was scheduled to be released on 7 February 2023, but it was finally released on 14 February 2023. So, it is the latest version of the Laravel framework.

You must be wondering, what can this new Laravel version offer to PHP developers. This framework has simplified quality web application development for enterprises. From effective software development to security fixes and bug fixes, the Laravel team gets many new features. So, Laravel 10 has got a lot to offer. Professional developers of our Laravel web development company explain everything about the PHP framework.

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Release Date of Laravel 10

14 February 2023 is the release date of Laravel 10. However, it had yet to be its first decided launch date. One of the most awaited PHP frameworks, Laravel 10 was supposed to release on 7 February 2023. The creator of Laravel 10 a single major version will be released every year because the release cycle was changed.

It helps the Laravel team to work on the framework more and improve it. They succeed in introducing new powerful features for Laravel projects. The tool makes it less intimidating for developers to create custom validation rules. So, it has a lot to offer and supports PHP developers effectively.



How to Install Laravel 10?

Many businesses want to revamp their existing sites with the Laravel web application. They use top PHP tools and frameworks for impeccable development. Laravel 10 is one of the best frameworks. The installation process of Laravel 10 is simple. Consider these two ways.

1. Official Laravel installer for use

laravel new hello-world

2. If you prefer to use a composer explicitly, try the below code

composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel hello-world

Different developers can easily install Laravel on various environments. It’s crucial that you know various ways to use Laravel 10 so that you can go with what best suits your system.

  1.  i. How to install Laravel on Windows 10 and Windows 11

    You can go for Docker Desktop to install Laravel 10 fast. You have to make your system ready to install Laravel 10. First, check the windows version in the system. Follow any one option from the below points.

    curl -s https://laravel.build/example-technource-app | bash

    Now use sail and run your application on http://localhost. Write the ./vendor/bin/sail up command on the root directory in the Laravel 10 project. Many developers use Linux OS because it works efficiently and quickly. Ubuntu is a version of Linux that provides high-performance and gaming compatibility.

    If you want the best results, download the Visual Studio code and the extension of the official Microsoft WSL. So that you can open any folder in the windows subsystem for Linux. Remote development extension is also used by developers for Laravel documentation.

  2. ii. Install Laravel 10 with Composer

    Composer is helpful to use Windows and MacOS effectively. First of all, you have to check whether your system has PHP < 8.1 Node, NPM, and Composer installed on the system or not.

    Here are the ways to check.

    1. For macOS: use Homebrew to install the composer.
    2. For Windows: You can download the latest version of the composer from the official composer website.

    It will help you install the Laravel installer globally so that you can use it to install your new Laravel 10 app. Moreover, developing a new Laravel 10 app is also possible with a direct composer.

  3. iii. Install Laravel 10 on MacOS

    You can use Docker and Laravel Sail to use Laravel 10. Run the command in the directory. But keep in mind, only Alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscore are permitted to create an app name.

    For example:

    curl -s https://laravel.build/example-technource-app | bash

    Hit the following command in the terminal to move ahead.

    ./vendor/bin/sail up

    The built-in solution of Sail will run your Laravel project with the help of Docker as it finishes, your application will be ready on http: //localhost.



What Are the New Features and Updates in Laravel 10

Laravel 10 has come with useful features to make the life of PHP developers easy. Our team at the
PHP web development company has researched the features of the new version.

1. Handles external processes easily

Laravel 10 provides a simple yet complete API for the Symfony process component. This way, you can run external processes within the Laravel software product.

For example:



You can run processes concurrently.

2. invokable validation rules are used by Laravel v10

In Laravel 9 we have seen, invokable validation rules. They can be generated using the invokable flag. PHP artisan make:rule’ Command is used for the same. However, in Laravel 10, you will not have to do it. Read about  Laravel 9 to remember the features.

php artisan make:rule Uppercase

If you want to know about invokable validation rules, have a look at the below codes.



Developers will not be intimated by the custom validation rules.

3. Official packages also use native types

Native-type hints can be used everywhere across the Laravel organization.

4. Customize the path of configuration files

Many projects can’t handle a radical directory structure change that is trying to migrate to this new version.

$app->configPath(__DIR__ . ‘/../some/path’);

5.No need for Doctrine/Dbal to modify columns in migration

Column modification looks like:



What developers used to do in Laravel 9,  they used to install doctrine/Dbal to do the job.

For instance, you can call ‘Schema:useNativeSchemaOperationsIfPossible()’, if you have multiple database connections and already installed Doctrine DBAL.

6.  No support for PHP 8.0

Laravel 10 doesn’t support PHP 8.0. PHP 8.1 is the minimum required version developers need to use Laravel 10. You can expect to see version 8.1 features in the framework. For example, read-only property.

7.  Process layer for Laravel

Laravel 10 introduced the “Process” layer for Laravel. Check out the following example to know the basic usage of the feature from Pull Request 45314 by Taylor Otwell.



Have a look at the rich features of the process layer.

  1. Asynchronous processes
  2. Process pools
  3. Preventing stray processes during tests
  4. Fluent process methods to build a process instance before running it
  5. Process output handling as it is received

8. Identify slow-running test

You can easily spot the slowest tests with a ‘profile’ option due to the ‘PHP artisan test command’. Nunomaduro/collision package provided the above command. So, make sure you upgrade the necessary changes when you migrate from Laravel 9.

9. Composer 2.2 is crucial for Laravel 10

Composer 1. x was disfavored in 2021. Hence, Nunomaduro required composer 2.2 (Released in December 2021) to ensure a solid foundation for every Laravel 10 project. It appears on the LTS version as well which will update by the end of 2023.

10. dispatchNow() has been removed

A popular method of Laravel ‘dispatchNow()’ was deprecated in Laravel 9 in favor of dispatchSync()’. Laravel 10 will not have it, thus you have to search for and replace it in all your projects.

11. A lot of deprecated methods and properties are not offered by Laravel 10

Many features of Laravel 9 were deprecated by developers. So, in Laravel 10 these methods and properties have been removed completely. Now it’s important to test Laravel applications that you want to migrate to Laravel 10.

Have a look at the PRs list

  • [10.x] Eliminate deprecated Route::home method
  • [10.x] Remove deprecated assertTimesSent
  • [10.x] Eliminate the deprecated method
  • [10.x] Eliminate deprecated dates property
  • [10.x] Use native php 8.1 array_is_list function
  • [10.x] Remove deprecations

What Is Laravel Pennant?


Laravel Pennant is a special feature created by the Laravel team. Laravel 10 has a Pennant feature to provide feature flags for your app. This feature enables you to roll out new application features impeccably. It complements a trunk-based development strategy.

Pennant can add feature flags to any Laravel project because it has a first-party package that supports different projects. The Laravel team is ready with many great features with effective functionalities like Pennant to offer Laravel developers.

Click on Official Documentation to know more about Laravel Pennant. Also, check out the Video

How to Contribute to Laravel 10?

You might don’t know but you can create the next big feature for Laravel 10. Focus on the below-mentioned steps for the same.

  1. Check what is happening in Laravel 10 on GitHub: https://github.com/laravel/framework/pulls. The pull request will tell you what has been done already.


  1. Make some notes according to the analysis of the framework and come up with a solution.
  2. Send PR over the Laravel repository, collect feedback, improve, and get merged.

Fix Bugs in Laravel 10 and Make $1K

You can be one of the random winners to get $1K by fixing bugs in Laravel 10. This is an amazing opportunity by Taylor Otwell.

Well, this contest is only for a limited time until Laravel 10 releases. Make sure you go through the rules to participate in the contest. Check out the Laravel 10 Bug Hunt to gain more information.

Wrapping Up:

PHP developers have been waiting for Laravel version 10 because it offers many promising features. Effective and robust website and application development are possible with Laravel 10. I hope you liked the blog and understood the new features of Laravel 10. In case, you are confused about which technology to choose for your project.

Willing to enhance the performance of the existing Laravel app, contact Technource. We have skilled PHP developers, who have experience in migrating many apps and building them from scratch.




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