The Positive & Negative Aspects of Node.js Web App Development

JavaScript, being one of the most popular programming languages, doesn’t use thread but conducts all the tasks flawlessly. Developers are using the best JavaScript frameworks like Node.js for quick and impressive solutions. Node.js web app development has become the need of the hour because it is cost-effective, reliable and most importantly the developers have to use less code for web app building.

Node.js makes the server-side web application process easy. If you have a business and want a web app for it, Node.js can be the right choice. A suitable Nodejs web development company can help you get the best web app of your choice.

Often, you can’t decide which is the best technology and company for your business idea. In this blog, you will get to what is Node.js, the web app, why you should choose Node.js, and node.js pros and cons choosing for your business.
Let’s begin the journey!!

What Is Web App?

When you want to digitize your business, you face several issues initially. These are related to how to digitize the business and whether go with a mobile app, website, or web app. In this situation, you can’t make the right decision. So, first of all, you must know the difference between a web app and a website.

It is because when you hire a JavaScript development company, you have to tell which type of app or website do you want. Likewise, if you want a web app, you have to explain what type of web app you want.

Basically, a web app is an application that runs on a server and doesn’t need to be downloaded like mobile apps. With the help of a browser interface, it gets in touch with the users. Moreover, its user interface is created with the help of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Likewise, for the backend LAMP and MEAN play a crucial role.

Node.js is popular for web app development. It can be because of the disadvantages of Nodejs. If you don’t know what is Node.js, read below.

What Is Node.js

Are you thinking Node.js is a programming language? If yes, you are wrong. Node.js is not a programming language and a framework as well. Then what it is?

Node.js provides a run-time environment for JavaScript. It means, the developers use JavaScript programming language for web app development but under a special environment. Node.js is open-source and built on Chrome’s 8 JavaScript engine. Node.js helps to build high-performant web apps because this JavaScript engine is lightweight and works smoothly on different devices.

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Many developers use Node.js because it allows scalable network application development. Our Node.js web app development company has skilled developers who know the nook and cranny of this JavaScript engine. But, developers use different JavaScript frameworks for different web app development. Why this is so? There must be some limitations in the frameworks!

Likewise, Node.js has some limitations as well. We will make you aware of Node’s advantages and disadvantages. So, that you can understand whether this JavaScript engine is perfect for your web app development or not.


Pros of Node.js Development

There are many advantages of node js which are why JavaScript developers use it. Moreover, various enterprises want web apps in this technology. Scroll down to know the benefits of using node.js.

  • Non-Blocking I/O Model
  • Fast Code Execution
  • MVP Development
  • Scalability
  • Robust Technology Stack
  • Large Community



  1. Non-Blocking I/O Model: The non-blocking I/O model of Node.js makes real-time applications clean and ideal. It enables a single process to serve multiple requests simultaneously. I/O model reduces the execution time and gives high performance. It is one of the best node js advantages that helps the developers to build user-friendly web apps.
  2. Fast Code Execution: The Node.js developers have to write 33% less code. It helps them to create web apps fast and effectively. Shortcodes lead to fast execution and the developers can work on the improvements in the app in the remaining time. Consequently, they can optimize the errors to avoid them.
  3. 3. MVP Development: If you hire Nodejs developers, you can have powerful and robust web apps. It is because the developers can make Minimum Viable Products. It helps to find out how the market will react to your business idea early. So, you can know what improvements can help the app.
  4. Scalability: Node balancing in Node.js makes it scalable. This means it can handle various Nodes at the same time and reduce waiting time. It is because all APIs of Node are programmed in a way that they support callbacks. This is one of the important advantages of node js.
  5. Robust Technology Stack: Node.js is a part of the MEAN and MERN stack. It includes a robust technology stack that helps the developers at every stage of development from building an app to its deployment. Node.js has around 368,985,988 downloads. So, since JavaScript is a leader among the programming languages, Node.js is the great choice for robust technology stack.
  6. Large Community: A large community supports Node.js if there is any flaw. Moreover, brings updates on a regular basis, Node 17 is a current version. Feedbacks by the community also accelerate the development speed. Likewise, a Node package manager (NPM) is the fastest and the largest software industry in the world. A Node.js web app development can work effectively because of the large community support. These are the Nodejs advantages. Now you must have understood why you should pick Node.js for your app or website development. But there are some limitations of this JavaScript engine. So, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of node js as well.



Cons of Node.js Development

Although Node.js is supported by a large community and an engine of popular language (JavaScript), it still has some limitations. Have a look at them below so that you can make the right decision for your app or web development.

  • API Is Not Stable
  • Lacks a Strong Library Support
  • Few experienced Node.js Developers
  • Bottlenecks
  • Slow CPU Bound Task
  • Asynchronous Programming Model



  1. API Is Not Stable: 
    Frequent API changes are a drawback of Node.js. Because of unstable API developers face several issues. They have to change the access code to match with the new version of Node.js. Likewise, it is important to change the code otherwise, the developers can’t make the code compatible.
  2. Slow CPU Bound Task: Node.js is called single-threaded because it follows the processes of JavaScript. The Non-blocking I/O uses an event loop and processes the threads asynchronously. So, many developers believe that Node.js is not a good choice for apps that need heavy computation.
  3. Lacks a Strong Library Support: Unlike many programming languages, JavaScript has no strong library support. The lack of well equipped and robust library system in Node.js forces the developers to use a common library to execute various tasks like object-relational mapping, handling database operations, and more.
  4. Few experienced Node.js Developers: The growing demand for Node.js app development is facing issues due to the lack of Node.js professionals. Many developers have only a few years of experience in Node.js and this is one of the crucial disadvantages of Nodejs. Our Node.js development company has experienced developers to help you.
  5. Bottlenecks: Node.js is not able to perform CPU-bound tasks. Moreover, JavaScript uses a single thread to process tasks on time so Node.js. Resultantly, whenever the heavy requests come to the event loop it follows CPU issues and then handles requests. Consequently, slow processing and delay in the event loop occur.
  6. Immature NPM Module Registry: Node.js has thousands of open source modules due to large community support. Consequently, often developers get confused whether the program they are using has a proper registry and is completed or not. So, these are some important advantages and disadvantages of using Node. Read them properly before you hire a Node.js development company. Node.js is popular in the US and more than 6 million websites use it. This fact shows the boost in web app development is also obvious. But, often cost of Node.js development becomes a hurdle. So, we decided to give an idea of cost as well. This information will help you hire app developers in 2022 wisely. Have a look below.

Node.js Web App Development Cost

The estimated cost of Node.js is $10,000-$50,000 and if we talk about how much a developer charges for Node.js development it is around $20-$40. Check out the below stats to know more about the hourly charges by the Node.js developers.




The average hourly rate is– $81-$100

The medium hourly rate is– $61-$80

Well, the cost to develop a web app depends on several factors like complexity level, features, functions, app type, technology stack, and app design cost others.

Now, you know node advantages and disadvantages so it will be easy for you to decide.
Node.js is the most commonly used JavaScript engine and you can select it for your app or web app development.

Technource has a pool of skilled developers from which you choose the most suitable Node.js developers as per your choice. Moreover, you can contact us at any time and discuss the challenges you face in deciding the app or web idea, development platform, technology stack, app migration, and deployment.Key-benefits-of-Node.js-can-prove-effective-for-your-business.-CTA-3


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